NPC #9: Long-legged birds

All herons. Great Blue Herons, which are the ones we have on this coast. The herons on the west coast look very much the same, but are more grey and less blue. I also have just one photo of a Black-Crowned Night Heron. There are many more long-legged birds along the shore, but we are inland. We get ducks, herons, and occasionally Cattle Egrets. Ducks are lovely, but not long-legged.

The above were taken by the Blackstone River in Rhode Island.

Black-Crowned Night Egret along a river in Connecticut
The Blackstone in Uxbridge
The Blackstone River at River Bend park, also in Uxbridge

We also have Canada Geese and Mute Swans neither of which are long legged, but both are beautiful. Maybe we’ll get to “other” water birds later.

With the exception of the night heron which I took by a Connecticut river, all of these were shot along the Blackstone River, though not in the same location or even in the same state.

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  1. Lovely. Especially the egret.


  2. Love these! Especially the birds in flight and those last two scenes. It looks so serene and peaceful.


    • Talk about lucky shots! I had just taken out my camera and it was in my hand with the middle-long telephoto on it and suddenly, the Heron took off. For once, I had the camera ready. Usually I don’t, so it was great. I wish I’d had a longer lens on, but at least I got the pictures!

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  3. A wonderful gallery devoted to one of my favourite birds! You’ve done well to get so many shots of them in flight 🙂 I love the one of the Night Egret too – a really elegant image!


  4. Beautiful long skinny legs 😀 😀


  5. they’re so beautiful, I feel so lucky every time I see one


    • Thanks! There are herons that look very much like this on every continent and my bird book says nine species live right in your neighborhood.

      These are river and lake birds. Most long-legged birds live along the ocean, but herons roost in trees and fish in rivers. When you see a lot of herons, you know it’s probably a good place to fish 🙂

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  6. Lovely gallery Marilyn, I especially like the last but one. You think you are looking at a deserted river and then notice the heron in the foreground. The Blackstone River looks a great place to visit and birdwatch.


    • I have to admit I didn’t see the heron until I popped the card into the computer. I can’t see the screen on my camera wearing glasses — but if I don’t wear glasses, I can’t see any distance. In any case, I was focused on the reflections in the water and the trees. Garry did see the heron and assumed that’s what I was shooting, but I didn’t see him until I downloaded the pictures.

      I can’t wear glasses for anything close. I can’t even see my computer keyboard wearing glasses. I have distance glasses, but when I wear them I can’t see the GPS. It gets a little complicated.

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  7. Beautiful photos, the black – crowned night Egret especially. It is a new one for me.



  1. Your long-legged birds – Denzil Nature

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