Harry Belafonte passed yesterday at age 96. It made me sad and is still saddening me. Of all the people I admired in show business, Harry Belafonte was my first first romantic attachment to a star.

I loved his music, his accent, and his rich brown eyes. I loved him from girlhood and it lasted a lifetime.

I will write more about him, but in the meantime, I wanted to post a couple songs. My two favorites.

I always thought this wasn’t just a song. It was an anthem to life in the islands.

And one more anthem. Farewell. You were beautiful in so many ways.

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  1. Thanks so much for these two fine recordings. All blessings, Tasha



  2. An exemplary human being. Thanks!

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  3. They were spread out over many decades, but he did make a lot of movies. He was a very good actor.

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    • Rich, yes, he was a fine actor. He could’ve done more films but he was so busy with his musical career and his civil rights activism, there simply wasn’t time for more films. His work in “The World, The Flesh and The Devil” – the post apocalyptic film – is an excellent example of his acting chops. During my one “meet” with him, he expressed great satisfaction with that movie and wished it had gotten a better run. It remains – for now at least – an underappreciated gem. I hope it gets more exposure as the tributes to Harry Belafonte pour in. The Sidney Poitier-Belafonte western, “Buck and the Preacher”, is a favorite at this address. I wish the long time friends had collaborated on more films for us.


  4. Did you know he paid for the buses many of the freedom riders rode? Or that he paid for a life insurance policy for Dr. King that named Coretta King as beneficiary? He was truly a good man.

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  5. Marilyn, that’s a wonderful photograph of the man who lived a full and rich life. I think he sacrificed (he would probably disagree) much of his prime years as an entertainer to help galvanize the Civil Rights movement. I believe he was a catalyst to bring many other celebrities — hesitant about publicity blowback — into the movement.
    I remember during the ’63 March on Washington, Harry Belafonte was in the forefront of the other famous faces. He clearly was giving advice to Dr. King who nodded and smiled as Belafonte spoke to him.
    I know he will be recalled most for the “Banana Boat Song” and “Jamaica Farewell” but I would suggest “Delia’s Gone” also as a fitting musical goodbye. The title and the lyrics would lend themselves as a loving farewell.
    We need to find the “Harry Belafonte At Carnegie Hall” LP or CD to celebrate his life. “The Lost Week” — the documentary about the week Belafonte hosted the “Tonight Show” should be on our ‘must find’ list. And, another viewing of “Island In The Sun” would be very apt.
    Somewhere, Harry and Sidney are swapping “Island” stories.


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  6. Yes; a wonderful human being! 🙂

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  7. Oh…Such a wonderful man. I am glad you are paying homage to one of ‘the great ones’! BRAVO!

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    • I feel like I should be saying more, but there have been so many obits that cover that so I thought I’d just put on my favorite of his songs, though to be fair, I like all of them.

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      • Marilyn, sometimes less is better. And, your tribute is just fine. Just play Mr. Belafonte’s music.

        In addition to his well known songs, there is his absolutely tender and moving cover of “Danny Boy”. His phrasing of this perennial gives it new life.


  8. OH..when I heard the news I was so sad. What a brilliant icon. Everyone loved Harry. His voice was so special. What a gift he shared with us all. 😢 Truly will be missed. Bye Harry! Love you! 😦 😢



  1. HARRY’S GONE – Adventures of A Mage In Miami

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