Today, it’s an even dozen! Yay to Tom and Garry who get better every week.

Setting up for the podcast is about as simple as it gets, at least from my end. All the complicated stuff? Tom does that. So I logged in this afternoon and clicked on “join event.” That’s usually it. Ready to go. Except while Tom could hear me, I couldn’t hear him. I put him on speaker phone while we tried to figure out what went wrong.

We had gone into head scratching “what the hell?” mode when Garry handed me the headphone connector. It had apparently come unplugged and fallen to the floor. This reminded me of all the times I turn on my camera, can’t see anything but black and cry: “OH NO! MY CAMERA IS BROKEN!”

I’ve done it again but this time, it was the headphone cable. The mic was plugged in. The computer was plugged in. For some reason, I didn’t check to see that the headphones were plugged into the mic. Oops.

Motto of the story? There is no software fix
for unplugged headphones.

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