I was worried that the progress I’d made since my iron infusions in February were wearing off, but it was hard for me to tell. Getting COVID in March has left me feeling breathless, out of balance and rundown. I was afraid I was going to hear bad news. Considering how many health issues I had and have, there are so many directions from which bad news can come.

This time, maybe for the very first time in more than 20 years, the news was good. Okay, not magical. I’m not 20 years younger. I have no superpowers, or at least none I know about. Who knows? Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and discover I can leap tall buildings with a single bound. Anything is possible.

ALL my blood levels — are you ready? — are normal. Hemoglobin, all the white cells (and there are so many)? Normal. Vitamin levels? Normal!

I have been “officially” anemic since 2018 which was when I joined the UMass medical group. Each year the anemia has gotten worse and by the beginning of this year, it was bad. Two iron transfusions — and three months later — I am not anemic. I am normal!

Apparently all my current symptoms are likely remnants of COVID with a hefty sidebar of hay fever. My doctor said, sympathetically, “COVID can take a long time to really go away.”

I sighed. “So it would seem.”

I’ll need another set of tests in three months, but for now? It’s all good. I can’t even express how very happy this makes me.

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  1. Oh Yay, Marilyn, that’s excellent news. Keep on recovering from the Covid (and yes, it takes a while and it does happen. enjoy the spring!


  2. Well, I don’t know. I never wanted to be old and infirm like the patients my mom would tell me about (she was head RN at a hospital) so i made sure to exercise every day and becoming veg when I was 17 I think helped a lot. I mean, I can still outrun my 3yr old granddaughter (but not the 7 yr old boy haha)


  3. That is great news. Hayfever and Covid will go away eventually.


  4. How does it feel to be normal? I haven’t been there for years, decades even.


  5. Oh, I’m so pleased for you – ‘normal’ is one the very best words you can hear from a doctor 🙂


  6. Brilliant news, Marilyn… I suppose normal is pretty good at our age…
    Whatever happened to wonderful?


    • Thank you 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I heard “normal” from a doctor. I’ve heard a lot of “not bad, for your age” and “All things considered, it could be worse.” But NORMAL? Too bad normal doesn’t come with a side order of “younger,” eh?

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