It was a snowy day last week and it’s snowing again. It’s too warm for much snow to collect. Yes, it warmed up again. The birds are confused and frankly, so am I. Is it winter? Well, snow is coming down. But is it seriously winter? It’s way too warm to be winter.

How bizarre is it that we’ve barely had any snow — compared to California! When New England doesn’t get snow, but California does? You think we might be having a climate problem? Well, at least climate change will provide us with entertainment, although not necessarily in a good way.

In this episode Garry accidentally goes swimming in the Concord River on live TV and how he escaped a severe beating because he told the approaching hostile mob he was Samoan. Tom tells his story of a behind the scenes control room disaster during a famous hostage crisis.

We got our first look at Episode 4 plus the unfinished Episode 5, but I haven’t seen the finished product yet. Tom did some post production which we have not seen. What we do know is this show is funny. Funny enough for Garry and I, who know the stories and sometimes were part of the story, were howling with laughter.

I found the perfect shirt for Garry. I bought it almost a month and a half ago. It took a

really long time to get here, but today it arrived. Yay! It was such a perfect shirt for Garry, I had to take pictures. Besides, I get tired of using the same pictures all the time and I needed some new ones of my old man.

This week’s show actually has Garry in action when he was working. I remember the scene well because I was watching when it happened. It’s still funny after all these years.

The inclement weather made it impossible to put the Duke outside, so instead he became part of the production crew. He is lively and loud. What a dog!

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  1. that is indeed the perfect shirt for him


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