FOTD – May 6 – Daffodil

Daffodils through the years. They always grow in the same spot right by the old tractor. Some years there are more of them. This year there were a lot and it was the first year they bloomed over a period of almost a month and a half. There were a few left even the other day. It was nice having them around for so many weeks.

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11 replies

  1. Lovely. I didn’t see my usual daffodils this year, they kept looking like they were going to bloom but if they did it wasn’t for long. I think maybe the weird weather this year confused them.


  2. Daffs are so fun and gorgeous. They do last a long time 😀


  3. This year they bloomed in late January. As much as I love these flowers, they signal climate change to me.


  4. So beautiful! It reminds me so of my mom.


  5. Daffodils are so beautiful! You had a lot of them didnt you?


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