The Kings Who Never Were: Part I

A great story AND it’s true!!

Tomorrow will be a momentous day, as millions will witness history being made with the coronation of King Charles III and his consort, Queen Camilla. Charles’s accession to the throne happened seamlessly and without challenge upon the sad passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II in September of last year. But, as history has shown, the succession hasn’t always been so straightforward or peaceful, and never was this more true than during the regal rollercoaster that was the Middle Ages. So to mark our new king’s special day I’ve been looking at the historical heirs who never got to wear the crown, those who were legitimately in line but were sidelined by fate or foul means. The crimson path to the medieval throne was frequently littered with dead or discarded rival claimants, and what follows – presented in two parts – is just a few examples of the ones that…

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  1. Many thanks for the reblog, Marilyn. And quite right, every word is true! 🙂 ❤


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