FOTD – May 8 – Solomon’s Seal

It looks like Lily of the Valley and for good reason. Solomon’s Seal is a close relative of Lily of the Valley and was originally part of the same genus (Convallaria, now Liliaceae) along with several similar species native to North America, northern Europe and Siberia.

This Solomon’s Seal is close to a duplicate of a plant in Mongolia, but it has been in this country a long time. It was used to make grain by Native Americans and has quite an array of medicinal quality. None of which I have tried out. I have come to believe that “natural” and “safe” are not the same words, so you have to know what you are doing when you experiment with herbal medicine. The line between helpful and poisonous can be very thin.

Locally, It is mostly a wildflower, growing in the woods, though it is also cultivated as a garden ornamental. It has an elegant geometric style. It’s also a lot bigger and taller than it’s close cousin, the lilies of the valley.

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22 replies

  1. Wonderful drawing and photos Marilyn 😀


  2. I mentioned you in my post of the same flower Marilyn, but your photos are so much better!


  3. How pretty! And very interesting too, especially about the native use of the plant for grain and your excellent point that ‘the line between helpful and poisonous can be very thin’.


  4. “The line between helpful and poisonous can be very thin.” I understand this well and it reminds me of a wilderness survival class I took. Your drawing and the Solomon’s Seal are beautiful. Plants give me such peace!


  5. I have a little clump of Solomon’s Seal growing in my garden 🙂


  6. I often wonder how plants came about their names, this one especially…


  7. I see these a lot in the woods near me 😃


  8. Nice photos and a beautiful drawing


  9. HI Marilyn, I’ve not heard of this particular plant before. I do love Lilies of the Valley. I am also careful with herbal medications.


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