I was still trying to figure out if John Oliver was really going off the air or we’d just missed the final few minutes of his piece because there was a sports emergency which had interrupted the show.

It was retribution for Bruins fans. They lost. Bigly. So I left it on until finally one player admitted that the other team “played better than us.” No amount of analysis was going to change that. This was also the hour I spend trying to find all the missed typos in new posts and that usually  takes me at least an hour. I don’t find most of them until a couple of days later. It’s hopeless.

Garry goes off to bed early. He has access to TCM’s library wherein reside all his favorite westerns plus bunches of 1930s and 40s black and white movies. He loves them. I love them less. He watches with the headset on and he is happy. No one is going to ask him to do anything. It is true peace.

At some undetermined point, the Bruins concluded their apologies to all their fans and it being Sunday night, a preacher came on television to announce that God has a plan. For everything. Every single thing.

Everything you can imagine. Every illness, idea, mistake. Effectively humans have no control over their own lives because we are all part of God’s huge, gigantic, amazing plan that covers everything, everywhere forever, amen and probably the Bruins will win next year. Or the year after that.

After a while, the harangue got a bit intense and I had to turn it off. I was getting ready to yell back at the television and ask about cancer and pain and death, but I have found yelling at the TV isn’t nearly as effective as it should be.

I gave the Duke his final biscuit and went into the bedroom. I made Garry remove his headphones and announced: “God has a plan.”

“Okay,” he said. “What brought this on?”

“The Bruins lost five to nothing and then there was a preacher and he was shouting how God knows every idiotic idea in your head, every ridiculous thing that might happen to you or me or anyone, so no matter how painful or scary life is, IT IS ALL PART OF GOD’s PLAN.”

“What were you WATCHING?’ he asked me. He then pointed out that on television they were singing Shall We Gather At The River with the ultimate intention of hanging someone. I pointed out that this too was part of God’s plan and Garry said I should stop watching that stuff because it was ruining his viewing experience.

So I wrote this instead. Meanwhile, they hanged the guy in the movie. Not to worry because it was all part of God’s plan. I know because the TV preacher told me. On television. So it must be true.

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  1. I find the ideas of many professed Christians very strange. Many seem to be more about hating anyone who is different than anything else. If there is a God surely those people don’t speak for him. If they do I’d rather be an atheist.


  2. I agree with Rich. Stop watching that stuff. It rots your brain.


    • Sometimes, I’m too lazy to reach for the remote and change it and sometimes, I’m curious about what weird thing they will talk about tonight. I notice they never mention getting rid of gun violence or anything about which people are genuinely and legitimately worried.

      No matter. There’s a plan in place. Gotta be grateful for that, eh?


  3. If I have the TV on late Saturday, or early Sunday depending on how you look at it, there are several preachers telling me about God’s plan. Inevitably God’s plan is that I should give the preachers money. Unfortunately, the plan did not include that I should have excess money to do so.


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