FOTD – May 12 – Adventuring with neural filters

I am surprisingly unadventurous in photography. I do what I know how to do and rarely try out new stuff. I used to, but I seem to be getting busier every day. Truly, I have no idea how I ever found time to work. I barely have time to do anything but blog — and this is after cutting back on how much I publish. Maybe it’s because I’m taking more pictures — or maybe I’m just getting old and I get tired more easily.


Today, though, some new lilacs popped up on our tree. I had my camera with me and I was out there. The weather was perfect so, I took some pictures.

Our lilacs seem to look more pink than purple. I do not know why, but they have never been a rich color like most of the lilacs I see. Maybe it’s because they are more in shade than most or maybe it’s the age of the tree. This is an old lilac and has probably been growing for at least 50 years and possibly longer. It has been crushed by falling trees and it has come back. It has looked almost dead, yet it is bursting with life this year.

I decided to experiment and see if I could change the color. Photoshop hasn’t entirely decided what the neural filters ought to do or even whether or not they should be listed. I used a couple last week that aren’t even in their list anymore. I hope they figure out what they are doing or trying to do because it’s pretty confusing finding that last week’s filter is no longer listed and frankly, I find it annoying.

In this one, I used their RAW Filter. I don’t shoot RAW, but I do use the filter.

Nonetheless, I’m being a good sport and trying to use them. Most of them — this week — seem to be either not working at all, or working only on portraits or on old photographs for restoration. The Landscape group that worked last week isn’t working this week. The Neural Color Transfer filter is (for the moment) working, so that’s what I used. It doesn’t necessarily do what you think it’s going to do and each “preset” does something, but not what you expect.

I managed to get a few pictures that look pretty good and a few that looked weird.

Everything else I tried looked sort of ugly.

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4 replies

  1. Whatever they are called keep experimenting. I like them.


    • If they ever get them sorted out, they are interesting. They don’t have enough controls — especially for color — and they are going to have to do something about that. Also, they don’t really explain what you can expect and a lot of stuff simply doesn’t work. They will work for a while and then, suddenly, stop working and you have to reboot. But it’s an interesting idea. I’m sorry that the ones I used before that DID work have been removed. Their “old photo” filter was really interesting and did some great black & white work.

      They need to figure out what they want to do and then go there. But overall, I think if they work on it, these might eventually be useful and fun.


  2. You sure you don’t mean “Neutral Filters”?


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