Nature Photo Challenge #12: Trees

I took these first three pictures just about a week ago. Everything was either a tiny bud or a baby leaf. A week later, everything is in full leaf. It feels and looks like summer. A good kind of summer. Not hot and not humid. About 80 F (27 C), but because the humidity is low, it’s comfortable. I haven’t needed to turn on any air conditioning. Every day I don’t need need the A/C is a good day!

And these were taken today. What a difference four days can make!

We grow five hardwoods: red oak, maple, ash, sassafras. Catalpas grow in profusion, but not hardwood. They are beautiful with flowers on them, but they have a knack for growing in unacceptable places — like right next to the well. Tree roots can do serious damage to wells, pipes, septic system and drains. Much as you love that tree, you don’t want its roots invading your water pipes or well.

We live in the woods. I’ve become very accustomed to “woodsy” sounds. The rustling of the underbrush as an animal passes. Birdsong — and all the lovely birds.

Trees are also the homes for our squirrels and birds. They not only represent things. Each tree is a world and supports nests of all types — birds, squirrels, flying squirrels.

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  1. Ha ha. Good one and a great collection of trees as well


  2. Ha, great title, even it isn’t yours. Great idea too to show the rapid growth of leaves over a short time in spring. Thanks Marilyn!


  3. ‘Summer trees, some are not’–made me laugh. I so love a bad pun. 😆


  4. How quickly everything changes at this time of the year! Your trees look beautiful, and your title made me smile 😀


  5. Hi Marilyn, it is rather amazing to see these pictures and the changes in them. Nature is marvelous.


  6. I love all trees and would love to live in a forest… sigh… it must be wonderful to be surrounded by all of them…


    • It is, but there’s always a danger of fire, especially when the rains stop — and the brush fires are already beginning in some areas that didn’t get as much rain as we have. AND now that it’s may, there isn’t much rain predicted. THIS is the time of year when the rain stops, so we are all just hoping we keep getting at least some rain.

      Also, we’ve had more than usual windy weather and trees that die during the drought can fall over. Still, I can’t think of anyplace I’d rather live. I just hope it keeps raining.

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  7. great to have all the trees in bloom! It definitely feels more like summer now!

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  1. Your photos of Trees – Denzil Nature

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