The Kings Who Never Were: Part II

Part two of “The Kings Who Never Were” by Alli Templeton.

In the second part of our look into lost medieval heirs, we’ll meet another selection of candidates who were both entitled and in line to the throne but missed out on the prize. Good, bad, innocent or just not quick enough, all were real people who had their own stories to tell. We’ll begin with a young man who was probably best kept away from the responsibility of kingship, and his adversary, the woman who should have been the first English Queen Regnant. Then there’s the time when we could have had a real medieval King Arthur, and we’ll meet two of the numerous Edwards who never wore the crown.

When he was born c.1130, Eustace of Blois could never have expected to be more than a count of France. However, all this changed when he was around just five years old thanks to some quick thinking by his father…

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  1. Very many thanks again for the reblog, Marilyn. Glad your readers have enjoyed the stories. 🙂


    • I love them. I used to write more history, but I write so much other stuff, I didn’t really have time to do the research and I don’t have all the details in my head. Once I had the entire lineage in my head. Ah, but memories fade with age. Good thing there is Google.

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      • Oh yes, all hail to Google! You’ve done better than me though, I’ve never been able to hold all the dates and relations in my head – far too complicated! Still great though! 🙂


  2. these stories are fascinating!


  3. I love these medieval stories. I love because I have some bizarre passion for that period of history and because in some ways, we’ve come a million miles and in other ways, nothing has changed at all. We may not be raising armies to slaughter our opponents, at least not here or in western Europe, but there’s plenty of killing going on in Russia and Africa — and who really knows where else? I’m pretty sure murder to achieve power has not gone out of style.

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