Blogging Insights 3.0 # 9 — Type of Writing

These days, what I most enjoy writing is anything if I am not already exhausted. This morning, before I even got to my computer, I had fed the birds, watered the plants on the deck and in the house, arranged for Garry and I to finish our dental work — and made chili for dinner Left the chili to simmer and by the time I was through with that, it was also time to make the Duke’s dinner. I hadn’t even opened the computer except to use the calendar to make appointments with the dentist.

I don’t do my best work when I’m tired. As the years pass, I get tired sooner and I am more tired by the afternoon than I used to be from a whole day’s work. Sometimes, when I’m done with all that other stuff, I don’t want to write. Just want to put my feet up and relax. That’s how come so much of my writing gets done very late at night since that’s when I realize I haven’t written anything. It’s also why it doesn’t look well-edited, probably because I’m too tired to focus on the page.

I like to write about real things, truth, concepts and possibilities. I like to explain things, which is probably why I was a good technical writer. Explaining things is comes naturally to me. I know I over-explain but it’s part of my package.

I enjoy character studies, digging into memories to recall the world as it was abd remember people and who they were. I’d rather write about people than things, but if it’s a camera, I enjoy talking about lenses and optics and all the little widgety things that are part of photography.

I like research. I don’t have the right kind of brain for plots or invented places, although I like reading about them. If I’m interested in anything, I will research it. I’m always curious and want to know more. Whatever I know is never enough. There’s always more to learn.

I’m not much of a travel writer. I’m less interested in places than people. While I love taking pictures of places, I want to talk — and write — about the people I met. I’m a very good — and extremely accurate — listener and can often parrot back exactly what someone said in the same words — and accent — they used. Funny how I can still do that because I can’t remember whether I took today’s medications or I’m remembering yesterday. Maybe if the pills talked to me, I’d remember them.

I think that puts me into — as far as writing goes — the 100% non-fiction category. I don’t even like mini-fiction. I can write it well enough I suppose, but I don’t enjoy it. I like digging into subjects with substance.

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  1. “Truth can be stranger than fiction”.
    Your non fiction writing is just as interesting as fiction.


  2. You’re very prolific. You are good. That is so admirable.


  3. How interesting to read about what you like to write about 😀 Certainly all you say comes through in your writing.

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    • I think I just like writing about interesting things. History is one of the big ones. I used to review books, but unless it was a famous author, I got so little response I gave up. Now I only write about books when I really love them and want everyone to read them. But I also like to write about the pictures I take, not just a picture of a bird but the story of the bird and how it lives. Unless I’m REALLY tired — then I just post the pictures and am often too weary to even caption the photos.

      I do get tired easily. Probably I’d be more energetic if I didn’t spend half the night reading — or really, listening.

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  4. I always enjoy your writing

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  5. I love reading what you write Marilyn. It’s got substance to it.


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