CFFC: Catching People Unaware

These were taken by me and by Garry. If it’s a picture of me, you can be sure that Garry took it. Otherwise, look for the signature! A lot of them were casual portraits and obviously, whoever was photographed knew we were taking pictures. It’s hard to miss a couple of people carrying big cameras around a small park.

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  1. I have some horrific pics I took of Rose.
    She’s tried strangling me several times.
    That’s me jumping in the river.


    • I delete REALLY unflattering pictures and try to “improve” anything that can be improved without making it look like someone else. It’s one of the main reasons people don’t want their picture taken. The always look so awful, so I try to be an exception and NOT make them look awful. It doesn’t always work, but I try.


  2. Great collection here, Marilyn! Lovely one of you looking very tranquil, and that last shot is outstanding. 🙂


    • It turns out that Garry is one of two people who can take a picture of me that I like. It took him awhile — and my losing 100 pounds probably didn’t hurt either — but he gets better pictures of me than anyone else has, although my granddaughter has taken some nice ones too.


    • I have always preferred casual to formal portraits. When people are not focused on the camera, they look relaxed. Whenever I have to take “official” pictures of Garry for some reason, my biggest problem is getting him to relax. It takes me a lot longer to get him to relax than it does to actually take the picture. People working are great subjects because their focus is on something else.

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