Another week, another podcast! This episode Garry talks about giving Mickey Rooney racing tips and Tom talks about the difference between working on The Joan Rivers Show and the Geraldo Rivera Show. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Finally, it’s time for more back stories not just about famous people, but many others — directors, producers, and many more. Some still working.

Garry’s days as a jockey — VERY briefly — and our new sponsor. The voice on the commercial is that of my first husband and Owen’s father. It can be a bit strange hearing his voice 30 years after he passed. Interesting but odd. Tom on the Joan Rivers show. I think these guys can talk forever and never run out of stories.

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  1. love the stories and the captions along the way

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  2. I have to confess that while the guests are interesting the shows where it is just Garry and Tom talking are probably my favourites. They are very entertaining together.
    I do understand that reporters have to get a reaction from people that they interview after a tragedy but I never like seeing people being asked “How do you feel?” after they just lost their home in a natural disaster or a close family member was killed. I think we all know how they feel. I’m glad to know that they feel bad about having to do it at least.

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    • I agree. I think their one-on-one works. They know each other well. The can throw the verbal ball back and forth. I suppose that’s what many years of friendship does. But yes, I like the two of them better — and that’s also because adding a third person made it hard to ever complete a story. Not enough time and insufficient familiarity.


      • True. But the format is a work in progress. The thing that cracks me up is we talk about what we’re going to talk about and then never get those stories.


      • Yes, I think that’s what it is, When there is a guest they don’t really have time to tell the stories as well in the thirty minute format. It must make for a lot more editing too. But I haven’t seen a really bad show. I just prefer the one on one episodes.


    • Interesting comment. I’ve been getting similar feedback. The “How do you feel” question is the basis of a stand up routine I’ve been doing for years. The odd is that it’s always current. The news never changes. Sadly.

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  3. Hi Marilyn. Hearing Owen’s fathers voice must definitely be strange for you!
    I look forward to tuning in to this episode!

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    • He had a beautiful voice and if he had lived longer, I’m sure it would have gotten even better. He’s gone, but his voice lingers on.


    • The spot was from a syndicated radio show Jeff and I did in the late 80’s called A Half Hour Radio Show. It’s online at
      (Shameless plug)
      I wanted Jeff to a part of this show. He was “the voice”


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