CMMC – May Alphabet any word with an “I”

There may not be an “I” in team, but this month, there’s an “I” in May.


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  1. Great gallery of I’s Marilyn! Love the cute squirrel! 🙂


    • Those little red squirrels are incredibly cute. The don’t even look like “real” creatures. More like the stuffed ones we buy for kids.

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      • They’re pretty perfect looking! 🙂


        • They are half the size of the bigger Gray Squirrels and in many places have disappeared. I think that we make sure they get fed keeps them around our place. We also have a really super fat (wild) groundhog. He is SO fat he can barely walk.

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          • Wonderful – a super fat groundhog! I’d love to see him some time! 🙂
            We spent yesterday walking around Newborough Forest on the island of Anglesey watching red squirrels. They’re super cute too, and one was actually sitting IN a feeder box, occasionally poking his head out to check all was clear outside. Hilarious! 🙂


  2. You church photo looks so peaceful to me today. Great “I”s for the week. 😀 😀


    • It’s a beautiful building and I was delighted when someone put up the funds to restore it. If they hadn’t, the next step would have been tearing it down. It’s a perfect, classic New England church. Simple and elegant. Also, really small. It only sits about 150 people.

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  3. The merry merry month of Mai….


  4. Lovely pictures, Marilyn. My mom’s hair is also white.

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    • Mine turned white during one of my surgeries. I went in with a mixed head of brown, gray, kind of red and a bit blonde streaked — and came out with snow white hair. It was like a bad novel but I have come to rather like my hair.


  5. Lovely selection if i’s 😊

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