I’m a blogging anarchist, a blogger without goals. A writer, photographer. I don’t have a primary focus nor do I want one. I have a lot of interests and write about whatever catches my attention or is most on my mind. Or in the news.

I’m a bit of a geek and I love my high-tech toys. I enjoy writing about computers and other high tech devices. Especially cameras!

Serendipity is about everything. What I think about. Read. Big and little stuff in my world. It’s what I hope you’ll like to read about. Think about. Laugh about. I will show you pictures of my home, my valley. I will do my best to capture the seasons and how sunlight filters through trees.

marilyn birthday 68

I try to be on the right side of issues. I do my best to align with righteousness, on the side of justice, and give everyone the benefit of a doubt. I don’t always live up to my highest standards, but I try. Underneath the humor, I have a temper, carefully controlled, but it sometimes gets away from me.

You are welcome on Serendipity as long as you come in good faith. Don’t insult anyone, not me or anyone who comments here. I will delete or edit stuff that offends me without hesitation. I will cut (or edit) comments if they are too long or far off-topic. Extended interchanges are best done elsewhere. I love dogs and other animals. I am perhaps overly fond of wit and word play. My favorite piece of music is Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, but I also love country, folk, and some hard rock too.

Civility counts. A lot. Be nice. We can be civil, even if we disagree. Try to stay on topic or at least in the same neighborhood. If you want to email me privately, please do. I’ve included a contact box at the bottom of the page.

Your opinions are welcome as long as they are based on something. If you haven’t read the book, or seen the movie, shut up about it. You are not entitled to an opinion if your opinion is based on ignorance, what your mama told you, or what they preach in your church. Those are not facts. They are opinions. An opinion based on an opinion — yours or other people’s — is not true or Truth. Believing something with all your heart doesn’t make it factual, or obligate me to agree with you.

Don’t be a troll. Saying negative crap to “liven things up” will get you banned in a hurry.  This is a troll-free website and I will not tolerate trouble-makers. I don’t care who you are. Despite my egalitarian beliefs, I rule this site. You may call me Your Majesty. This is not a public forum or bulletin board. For good or ill, I’m the tyrant in this small space on the great big web.

Do not publicize your site by dropping your site’s link(s) in comments. We all had growing pains. I wish you well, but you will have to make it on your own merits.

If you want a fight, you are on the wrong site. I won’t be a battleground. I won’t host fights. There’s plenty of that on social media and some websites seem to specialize in it. Here, on Serendipity, if I declare a conversation over, it’s over. Want a brawl, try Facebook.

I write about everything and nothing. That’s the joy of writing without a boss looking over my shoulder. After a lifetime of writing for a living, I treasure the freedom to do my thing, whatever that is. I try to answer all comments. If I miss yours, it’s not on purpose. Sometimes life gets in my way — medical stuff or traveling. It happens. Be patient.

I offer you my memories via anecdotes, observations, occasional fiction, and photographs. The photos are mine unless otherwise indicated. If it’s a picture of me, you can assume I didn’t take it myself (unless it’s a selfie). Sometimes I reblog posts I find interesting, funny, or special. If it doesn’t sound like me, it probably isn’t.

Welcome! Please wipe your feet at the door. I’ve left a light on for you.

If you’d like to contact me privately, you can use the contact form below:


  1. Hello Marilyn – recognise lots of my own (uncredited) dialogue on your Anne Golon page. The Yahoo group is still in existence, ‘squabbles’ and all. The official site is lost but mine now exists and you will find a lot of updated information about Anne there. The reference to 14th and 15th (as yet unnamed) books, definitely cribbed from me is now updated. There is to be only one final book under the original title of the 14th. Joyce and I have also set up an Fb page which is thriving – come and share your thoughts with us there.

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    • I’ve actually been trying to find you. I’ve been sick a great deal, so my search has been intermittent, coinciding with hospital stays. I think I’m finally actually beginning to surface to the light. I haven’t read anything past “Ghosts”. I lost the tentative translations when my last computer failed. I lost everything that I hadn’t backed up and it turned out, there was a lot of stuff I hadn’t backed up.

      It got very unpleasant on the Yahoo groups. Squabbles was a good way to put it. Better than infighting, sniping, backbiting, and just plain meanness. I can’t do that. I won’t do it. This kind of thing is supposed to be fun and when it stops being fun and starts making me unhappy, I leave. And that’s what I did. I was obviously unwelcome, so I pulled out and haven’t regretted it. I have a sufficient number of real problems. I do not need a lot of crap from people I’ve never actually met.

      I wasn’t trying to plagiarize, you know. I was trying to pass along some information about a beloved series of books which I probably will never be able to read. I would rather be able to write my own stuff, but kind of hard without having read them.

      Glad you are well. I will come and check out the group. I’m glad to know it exists!!!


      • Consider me found! I have approved your request to the Angélique group and as I say, I have created a section devoted to Anne on my website. I deliberately recreated Harvey’s opening page so that anyone searching could latch on to it – for ease I will leave the link on this message. Angélique has now become ‘Manga’ you can check the links on the Fb page and have a look at them there. You may wish to update your blog with this information. I have some news of a personal nature that I will not make public here concerning our mutual friend in Paris – please either contact me via the message facility on Fb or by e-mail. Link to Harvey’s page here:


        • Thanks, Anna! It’s so good to discover you. When I went searching before that last post, I couldn’t find anything or anyone. I had some old dead links, but I was no longer a member, so there was little I could do with them. I copied most of the information from previous posts I’d done. There are still fans out there, so now that I have new information, I’ll republish the post with information on how to get in touch. I have a hot date with my cardiologist and pacemaker lab guy today, so I will be out of here in a little while and be gone all day. Tomorrow I’ll be back in touch. I’m very very eager for news of our Parisian Friend!


  2. Just stopped by again to download “physical phenomenon” photo. I have taken a little break over Easter, but am back to business now. How are you both doing?


    • Good. Garry finally went to a doctor (rather than complaining to me), got antibiotics, decongestants, and more. It was like a senior citizen Christmas! I expect will finally feel better soon. I’m working on it. The weather has turned glorious. The dogs don’t want to come inside … they’d rather sit in the sunshine than get a biscuit (it’s THAT good!) … So all in all? I’d say we’re doing well. Very well. How are you?

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    • I was actually going to ask you 🙂 I think the winter had done it’s last gasp … and anyway, I’ve got 100,000 images, many of which I’ve never processed. So sure, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it 🙂


  3. Hi Marilyn, Very sorry, but as i was replying to a comment you made on one of my blogposts i accidentally deleted the comment and i can’t seem to get it back or remember my reply (senior moment). Did not want you thinking i ever ignore you or feel offended and deliberately delete you 🙂



    • Don’t worry about it. I have a 15 second memory, so you may have deleted the comment, but I have probably forgotten what I said 😀 Wait! I think I just remembered what I said … or a part of it. But don’t worry. REALLY. I start posts and forget what I was going to say, too.


      • Found it! (a copy was in my inbox)….”Power comes, power goes. Mostly, it comes and comes some more. Here and everywhere. Who’s to say that Australia and New Zealand are not the next super powers?

        Maybe there’s another huge meteoroite out there with our names on it.”

        I’m certain of it! – it’s due sometime in the next 10 million years – i won’t be holding my breath 🙂 🙂

        As for Power – I always used to hope that people power could overcome those who really have it and largely hide from the public. It seems that, as you might expect to be the case, those in power have the best and latest ways of ensuring they keep it for themselves.

        Still that is not to say we can’t use some of their own techniques against them if we are smart enough – right? And there ARE much more of ‘us’ than ‘them’.

        As for ANZ becoming the next superpower…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! 😀 Have you seen our leaders?

        (From my Nixon Blog – I wanna make this perfeckly clear).



  4. I enjoyed this post but have a mild disagreement with one point.

    «Do not publicize your site by dropping your site’s link(s) in comments.  We all had growing pains.  I wish you well, but you will have to make it on your own merits.»

    Yes, newbies do sometimes make vague positive comments like «Great post!» followed by pleas to follow links to unrelated posts on their blogs.  Yuck  What about links to posts that really add something to the current discussion?  I don’t see anything wrong with them.

    It’s tough to state a simple general rule that covers all cases.  Sometimes it is better *not* to try: go with something oversimplified and some kind of warning about taking the exact wording too seriously.  I have posted about the Golden Rule in that vein, but I will honor your exact stipulation by not dropping a link here. 🙂


    • That is a different story and I’m always interested when its collateral or new information. Sometimes, I’ve been up great stories and reblogged them too. But on a first contact?

      A lot of the time, there is nothing to indicate he/she even looked at the post. They ONLY came to drop the link. As a matter of courtesy, at least read the post. I usually will go take a look at a new follower’s stuff because I’m curious, but that “Hey, come see MY stuff” annoys me. Kind of rude.

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