FOTD – August 1 – Sunflowers I love sunflowers. I love how the bees love them and they are so tall and sturdy. The birds and squirrels love them too. Sunflowers are not only beautiful, they are useful in many… Read More ›


FOTD – July 27 – Daylilies Remembering back to when we had rain, we had lilies. Their blooming time was cut short by the complete absence of rain since the first week in May. I don’t think we’ll lose them. They… Read More ›


CMMC July Primary Colors Birds and flowers. I included yellow. It may not be an official primary color, but I think it’s primary. Is there anything bluer than a Bluebird? Or redder than rose? The blue of the water, the green… Read More ›


We’ve had a lot of baby doves on the deck this past week. It’s interesting watching the baby birds. Many of them, like doves and Goldfinch, look like exact miniatures of their parents. A few, like Cardinals, have unlovely offspring…. Read More ›