It’s just a table with various glassware waiting to be packed away. While it waits, the sun sneaks in from the bright winter sky, drifting. Light changes the colors, darkening and lightening randomly. Blue dominates, but bits of red and… Read More ›

Strange Self-Portraits

It was a runaround day. Doctor, other doctor’s office, pharmacy, grocery then home, cooking, editing. Somewhere in the course of events, I took a few odd pictures. By odd, I mean strange in the sense of peculiar. This series is¬†a… Read More ›


This old part of town has odd little back streets where cars can’t travel, strange tunnels that go between buildings, alleyways that cut across between Main Street and back streets.

The Barn

Down the road and around the corner, there’s a house with a porch. They have red rocking chairs on the porch. The house was built in the early 1700s as was the barn. It’s beautiful barn. They don’t keep any… Read More ›