Out near UMass, in Hadley, last week. They have some very photogenic shacks. The old shack in the next photograph is a symbol of the town, so whenever the shack starts to really collapse, they prop it back up. Great… Read More ›

September Memories

When snow covers the woods and the rivers and creeks are crusted with ice, it’s pleasant to remember just a few months ago when the leaves were bright and the waterfall running free. These photographs are from early September, West… Read More ›


I was doing okay until Garry came back from the pharmacy having paid more than $250 in copays for prescriptions I hadn’t authorized. He assumed I knew those prescriptions were waiting and did what any good husband would do: he… Read More ›

Shine On!

A huge “Thank you” and a hug to Emily Guido for giving me The Shine On Award. I am not convinced I deserve it, but I very much appreciate it. During the months I’ve been blogging, I’ve encountered many fine, generous… Read More ›