Six little American Goldinch eating on a wire feeder

I have to tell you, it wasn’t easy finding six of anything on the feeder. A lot of flocks of five, but this was the only one with six. You have to count the tail of one because you can only see five!

BIRDS ON THE WIRE – DAY 8 – Marilyn Armstrong


Like a bird on a wire … well, in this case, a plank or a feeder. Close enough. Today the American Goldfinch began to return. They are as cute as ever they were and the brilliant yellow I love to remember.

Welcome home little yellow one!
There will always be special seeds for you!

THE GOLDFINCH CAME HOME! – Marilyn Armstrong

It’s not the big flock I had last year, but three Goldfinch showed up today and hung around long enough for me to get their pictures. They were the stars of last winter’s bird portraits. They are so awfully cute.

Welcome home American Goldfinch

We also had a visitor I haven’t seen in years. It was a baby Chipmunk! We used to have hordes of Chipmunks chittering at us as they tried to take over the driveway. Then the bobcat showed up and he ate them. All of them. This is the first Chipmunk I’ve seen in at least five years. He was so little!

What a cute pair!
A Titmouse and his little pal

Hunting, I guess, for seeds left on the deck. For some reason, I didn’t take his pictures. I was so bedazzled just seeing him on the deck. I even had time to call Garry over to see him too, so I certainly could have taken his picture, but I was having so much fun watching her skitter around the deck looking for seeds.

A better version of a flying … wren?

The birds are coming back. Slowly. The Mourning Doves are still missing, but maybe they are just being shy. They are also a bit big for these feeders. They liked picking seeds from the deck. They are flat feeders.

On a positive note, we have lots of joyously singing Carolina Wrens.

Fair Lady Cardinal

Also, I saw, but he was gone before I could get the picture, a full red-headed woodpecker. Not the big one who looks like Woody. This one looks just like the Red-Bellied Woodpecker, but his entire head is completely red. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one outside a bird book.

Sometimes, it’s good to live in the woods.


FOWC with Fandango — Gregarious

Birds do it! Bees do it! Sometimes, even people do it! We’ve put up the feeders. I actually ordered a new hanging feeder because the flat feeder gets emptied in mere minutes.

Now I’m hoping the birds show up. I don’t know how much damage the poison has done, so I’m a little nervous. I know a lot of people don’t like feeders because they are messy. Good birdfeed is expensive and then, there are squirrels. But if we don’t feed them, we won’t have birds or squirrels.

There was a question in one of these question and answer things not long ago about whether or not anyone was willing to actually do anything to help the environment.

You could put up feeders. For birds, for squirrels, for all the small creatures whose world we are destroying along with our own. Yes, it’s messy but it’s not that big a deal to clean it up, either.  Think about it.

If a bird feeder is too much work, we are absolutely doomed.