And Other Mistakes, by Rich Paschall  In decades past, my mother was a fan of what would be referred to as Supermarket Tabloids. They are usually displayed near the checkout counters of grocery stores. They were meant to catch your… Read More ›


A Photo a Week Challenge: Playtime In the good old summertime, there’s not better playtime than a dip in the waterhole, in this case, a curve in the Blackstone River is a fine old water hole. It even has a place… Read More ›


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Everyone gasped at its originality. The family matron was bowled over by its original design and creative conceptual images. Even the family’s teenagers were awestruck by its astonishing combination of colors and textures. They took photographs of it, then sent… Read More ›


Life is a road which urgently needs repaving. It’s so full of potholes, rocks, broken branches, quicksand and mud, it’s amazing anyone can navigate the whole distance. What makes repaving plans tricky is no two people travel the same road,… Read More ›