WHAT KIND OF IDEA ARE YOU? – Marilyn Armstrong

From Salmon Rushdie's "Satanic Verses": I don't fit in a category. Not me, not my ideas. The concept of "compromise" as wrong bothers me. Not because I "go with the flow." I have no idea what "the flow" is. I've never been in touch with popular thought because I don't care what's popular -- or unpopular -- or … Continue reading WHAT KIND OF IDEA ARE YOU? – Marilyn Armstrong


I recently read an autobiography by the Saturday Night Live actress, Rachel Dratch, called “Girl Walks Into A Bar…” I enjoyed the book, particularly the adjustment of a single 44-year-old woman to motherhood, a committed relationship, and co-parenting. Rachel started a long distance (California to New York) relationship with a lovely guy and after six … Continue reading POLITICS AND RELATIONSHIPS – BY ELLIN CURLEY


The lie has become so ingrained in our culture that we accept it without question. Today, I question it, its validity and its basis. Just because it has become our national motto doesn't make it right. This is the lie we tell ourselves and our children: "If you want it bad enough and try hard … Continue reading GIFTS, DREAMS, AND MAKING IT HAPPEN – Marilyn Armstrong


I'm always glad to have a reason to pull this out of my archives and dust it off. It represents years of thought, night-long discussions in college, several obscure philosophy courses and at least one 40-page research paper. How bizarre that now, at long last, I live in a world where everything means nothing. This used to … Continue reading EVERYTHING. NOTHING. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? – Marilyn Armstrong

WORDS ARE WEAPONS – Marilyn Armstrong

  "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me." It's an old childhood chant, a miserably inadequate defense against bullies and bigots when one is small and powerless. It was oft-repeated, not only by us, the little victims but by parents, teachers and other wise counselors. It was supposed to … Continue reading WORDS ARE WEAPONS – Marilyn Armstrong


I am not sure I ever believed I was immortal, most likely because I didn't think about it. Until sometime during college, when my various courses forced me to ponder the nature of life and death. College was the peak time for existential mental muck-raking. Being young makes these subjects philosophical. Was this the result of … Continue reading IMMORTALITY AND AGING – Marilyn Armstrong

GREAT, GREATER, GREATEST – Marilyn Armstrong

Kind of reminds me of the old talkin' blues -- "I don't know much about art, but I know what I like!" I don't know -- or care -- if the blogs I follow are great, greater or greatest. It's entirely subjective. Great for who? Me? You? Everybody on the web? I doubt there is … Continue reading GREAT, GREATER, GREATEST – Marilyn Armstrong