Just when I was ready to give up … This morning the sun came out. Two tulips actually bloomed and the Mayflowers are all over the grounds. Ours are blue, but they sometimes are pink or white. They grow everywhere and are the state flower of Massachusetts.

It’s not much of a garden this year. I can see some signs of Solomon’s Seal coming up, but no sign of roses or lilies.

Maybe they will yet surprise us. We have many more tulips up, but there don’t seem to be any buds on the leaves. We still can hope! Meanwhile, there are two bouquets of spring flowers on the woodstove.

We had a few daffodils … many fewer than usual, but better than nothing. The long cold winter took a toll on the garden, but it’s doing its best to make a comeback.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers


Today we were in Boston. It was my surgery follow-up. He told me I’m doing fabulously and I look really great.

“You should see how other people look a month after surgery!” I can just imagine.

I graciously accepted the compliment then asked when I would feel as good I look.

“It takes a few months, you know. But you are doing really well.”

Drive by shooting along the Charles River
Drive by shooting along the Charles River

That was the medical part. The other part of the trip was spring. It wasn’t a pretty day. No sun. Chilly, only 45 degrees which is very cold for the end of April.

It was drizzling too. But along the Charles River, the cherry trees, magnolias and apple trees are blooming their hearts out. I grabbed a shot as we sped by. It goes to prove that Mother Nature. against all odds, is bringing springtime.

There’s nowhere to stop to take a picture on Storrow Drive, so this is officially a drive-by shooting! Along the Charles, at the very end of April 2014.