Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things with Edges

So many edges, so little time. Even soft things can be edgy. Flower petals, concrete and glass, steel and glass, bridge girders, and the light through a window all make their own edges. Really, it’s all about the light.

Bouquet in bright sun
Tallest building in Worcester
Little Colorado bridge - 2
Bridge over the Little Colorado
Sunlight, blinds and a picture window
Steel and glass shaft in hospital lobby


more azalea

A quick look at the blooming azaleas in the garden. And unexpected treat because these azaleas usually don’t bloom. It’s been such a strange year for the garden.




72-garden weeds

The winter killed a lot of the garden and I’m not able to fix it up. But a few things survived. the damage was severe, but not total.

columbine garden

If there was a 911 I could call to help with the garden, I’d be dialing it now! I feel bad for the few flowers left to struggle on without assistance. But there’s nothing for me to do. The garden is on its own.

Solomon's Seal
Solomon’s Seal


The big old lilac in the back yard failed to bloom this year. Four years ago, we planted three dwarf French lilacs along the driveway. One didn’t make it. One is thriving. The third is struggling because it’s not in a good location … insufficient sun.

lilacs may 2014

Today my son brought me a couple of blooms from the lilac that is full of blooms. They smell wonderful. I love lilacs!


Garry picked this one because he thought the colors were special. I wanted to take a few pictures of it, but I needed to wait until the sun came around to this side of the house. It’s been rather gray for the past few days. A bit of rain, then maybe the sun will come out for a little while, then disappear again.

bouquet memorial day

And I forgot the days are longer and the sun arrives later each day for the next few weeks. I did grab the camera from my office so if old sol put in an appearance, I’d be ready. The sun is only in the right position for a few minutes on a good day.

Bouquet Memorial Wknd

But of course, I wasn’t ready. I’d grabbed the wrong camera. And we were in the middle of dinner when I looked up, exclaimed “SUN!!” and pulled the camera out of the bag. I have three Olympus mirrorless cameras and keep a different lens on each. It was the wrong lens.

Memorial bouquet

No time to say oops and get a different camera, so I shot anyhow. I got a few good ones despite everything. Wearing my computer glasses and using the wrong camera with the slower lens didn’t make it easier.

bouquet memorial weekend

Especially wearing the wrong eyeglasses. It is hard to focus properly if you can’t focus your eyes further than 15 inches!


It was beautiful. Magnificent, for a while. My son hauled boulders from walls long-lost in the woods to build the retaining wall.

This was the garden last year. It was almost as neglected last year as this, but we hadn’t had the awful winter that has caused so much damage.

It took two years to construct the garden and fill it with topsoil and plant it. We had roses, climbers and “fairy roses,” miniature hedge roses. Day lilies and hybrid Chinese lilies. Daffodils and narcissus. Daisies and Astilbe. Columbine, tulips and crocuses.

The climbing roses are gone, as are the hybrid lilies. Only three tulips made it through the winter and four daffodils.

Dead fairy roses - the worst damage of the winter. They will never bloom again.
Dead fairy roses – the worst damage of the winter. They will never bloom again.

I haven’t been able to do anything with it. Garry’s never been a gardener and my son is working so many hours, his remaining time is too fractured to give the garden what it needs — serious attention. And hours of hard work.

So the garden has been on its own. Check out Bette Stevens and her ongoing battle with the weeds and choking veins. Not to mention the thorny things that bite. We decided we should extol the virtues of weed gardens because there’s nothing in this world hardier, more dependable than weeds. Beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder.

I’m lucky some of my weeds also flower. They are in the a “bridge” group called “wildflowers.” Into this category fall this year’s two bumper crops: Solomon’s seal and day lilies. The day lilies won’t bloom for another month, but we have so many of them coming up, when they are ready to bloom it’s going to be impressive. Usually we also have spiderwort, but I don’t see any … or maybe they just aren’t up yet. Time will tell.

This is my independent garden, a garden surviving on its own. Amazingly, the columbine has done pretty well and we have two (count’em) narcissus. And, of course, the eternally hardy hosta. I think nothing can kill hosta.