FOTD – January 16 – Rhododendrons We had a great spring last year for rhododendrons. This year, without a proper winter and with the garden under full attack from invasive strangling vines, I’m not optimistic. Everything else was suffering through last… Read More ›


FOTD – May 13 – Rhododendron With Many Flowers I thought it might rain tomorrow, so I got myself outside to see how the blooming goes. Our Rhododendron has gone into blossom overdrive. I have rarely seen a Rhododendron bloom… Read More ›


FOTD – May 4 – Rhododendron Suddenly, I remembered that the Rhododendrons are up and from the glance I took at them, there are a lot of them this year. It is beginning to look like rain, so I didn’t want… Read More ›