FOTD – July 7 – Roses It’s that time of year again and the roses are blooming. I didn’t have a camera yesterday when I was down by the garden and I got busy today. Tomorrow I’ll have to go take… Read More ›


FOTD – July 2 – Flowers, flowers everywhere It’s not only that the flowers are growing with a level of enthusiasm I’ve never seen before. It’s also the growing season has changed. Wild flowers like Queen Anne’s Lace and Spiderwort… Read More ›


FOTD – June 17 – QUEEN ANNE’S LACE Last year, we let the Queen Anne’s Lace grow without interference. This year, there are many more than last year. Practically a whole garden full, now plentifully mixed with long, golden daylily… Read More ›


FOTD – May 22 – COLUMBINE It must be spring because the Columbine is blooming. We don’t have the fancy columbine I’ve seen in other people’s pictures. Ours looks more like the wild version, though we planted it ourselves back… Read More ›


FOTD – February 16 – Columbine I planted two Columbine when we first put in this garden 16 or 17 years ago. Now it’s the dominant early bloomer in the garden. All the plants, like the original, are magenta. Light magenta…. Read More ›