A PLAGUE? REALLY? – Marilyn Armstrong

The world is bizarre, though I think we have now passed any concept I've ever had of what bizarre means. I was afraid if Trump lost, the Secret Service would have to carry him bodily from the White House. I was afraid the Democrats would have an insane convention and be the laughingstock of the … Continue reading A PLAGUE? REALLY? – Marilyn Armstrong

VOTE FOR A GOOD GOVERNOR – Marilyn Armstrong

For all of you who think our insane and stupid president can order the nation back to work before we are medically ready for it -- he doesn't have the authority to do it. The "shelter in place" and lockdown orders were not given by the president. They were all given by each state's governor. … Continue reading VOTE FOR A GOOD GOVERNOR – Marilyn Armstrong

A GAY PRESIDENT – Rich Paschall

Is America ready? by Rich Paschall Let's just say that you have a candidate for president that appears very likable, as political candidates go. He's young and charming and smiles a lot. In this age of coarse political discourse, that would seem a big enough plus to give him some serious consideration. When you look … Continue reading A GAY PRESIDENT – Rich Paschall


What with this mess we're watching in D.C., we wandered into a discussion. "What if Trump decides to take over the country? Like, you know, hold a military coup?" There was a time when this kind of speculation would have been ridiculous, but these days, nothing is ridiculous and anything, no matter how absurd is … Continue reading WHY WE’RE NOT GOING TO HAVE A TRUMP “COUP” – Marilyn Armstrong


 Many years ago, our 7 or 8-year-old granddaughter was venting her anger over the loss of her favorite salad bar at a local restaurant. We did our best to explain the issue and somehow placated her. She thought we should tackle the issue head-on. "Let's," she said, "form an angry mob and storm the place!" … Continue reading THE ANGRY MOB by GARRY ARMSTRONG

GOVERNMENT GAMES – Marilyn Armstrong

In my neighborhood, my right-hand neighbor hates cops. He doesn’t want to pay for them. The guy on the left resents school taxes.  He never had kids. Never wanted them. He doesn’t want to pay for education none of his children will ever use. Meanwhile, down the road, that guy has a big powerful SUV. … Continue reading GOVERNMENT GAMES – Marilyn Armstrong