earth day 2016I run this Walt Kelly Pogo cartoon every year. Despite the passage of time, it is as true now as it ever was. It shouldn’t be. Garry and I remember the first Earth Day. How sure we were that everything would get better. We believed we could fix the world.

Forty-six years later, the earth should be cleaner. We should be saving the planet, not destroying more of it. But, reality bites. The earth is more endangered than ever.

Pogo - The First Earth Day - 1971 - Walt Kelly

Pogo – Earth Day 1971 poster – Walt Kelly

Save the planet. Save something. Live greener. Use less stuff. Don’t litter. Do what you can. Don’t let the despoilers buy all our beautiful places and pave them. Say no to fracking. Say yes to fossil fuel alternatives.

Vote for smart people. Caring people. Vote for people who understand that climate change is real. That if we are not good shepherds for our earth, there will be no earth to shepherd.

Let’s leave a green planet for the next generation and the ones thereafter.

For a history of this day, see “The History of Earth Day.”

We Interrupt This Program…

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Evil Squirrel's Nest

This is a news flash from the Evil Squirrel’s Nest News Network!

People all across the world are reporting strange sightings!  Social media sites are abuzz with news of bizarre appearances of a mysterious creature that has been dubbed “The Rainbow Donkey”.  ESNNN exclusively obtained the following photo the Balzac family took while vacationing in Colorado, one of the first alleged sightings of the rainbow beast.

rd vacation Wish you were here!

What is that mysterious being in the background, and why is Rover not the least bit interested in it?

These alarming eyewitness reports of this strange multicolored beast have occurred almost everywhere, from densely populated cities to the middle of nowhere!

rd desert That is the cutest little mirage I’ve ever supposedly seen.

Hallucinations, you say?  Perhaps the work of the same clever con men who made all of those crop circles appear?  So what if people are seeing unicorns, you might…

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Dinosaur Cartoons

Colorful ain’t the half of it!

It started when one of my favorite bloggers announced that he was selling all his cameras and buying one, cheap (and poorly regarded) Canon mirrorless camera because his equipment addiction had gotten quite out of control … Happy April Fool’s Day!

audible april fool

I think that rather outdid themselves and everyone else by announcing a full-cast reading of “Excerpts from the Encyclopedia Britannica.” They actually give you an audio sample to listen to which is composed of dramatically read entries from the encyclopedia.

Who know what other adventures lay before more on this strangely wonderful day?

audible april fool -2Today is an excellent day to keep your tongue firmly wedged in your cheek. Don’t believe anything you read until you get to the end. And don’t “share” anything until you’re sure the clown isn’t set to pop out of the box and yell “APRIL FOOL!”

Doggy Store 1


Before I put a finger on the keyboard, I admit this is probably heresy, at least to some people. On this day of days, one simply doesn’t make fun of religious movies.

But I do.

Last night, Marilyn and I had our traditional viewing of “The Ten Commandments.” Cecil B was, again, going for life-altering moments. But really, he gave us much-needed laughter. It isn’t a movie that has stood up well to the years. Time tested it — and found it wanting.


Today’s lineup of movies on our favorite cable station includes almost all of the familiar biblical movies. Few stand the test of time. Some are really well intended like George Stevens’, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. But the man who gave us classics like “Shane”, “A Place In The Sun” and “Giant”, wound up with a ponderous and static film in “The Greatest Story”. It’s biggest sin? Boring.

As I write, we are watching Mel Brooks’, “History of the World-Part One” which is the perfect antidote to historical films that have become parodies or that were really never good. We probably have a greater appreciation of history because of Mel’s equal opportunity insults rather than the cardboard epics which play fast and loose with facts.

Mel Brooks last supper

I must admit I love watching gladiator movies. It’s a guy thing like war films.  I also enjoy seeing semi clad (or even less clad) young women engaging us in erotic dances before evil monarchs who are not playing with a full deck. But we’re not talking about great cinema here.

Charlton “call me Chuck” Heston was really honest when he talked about playing Moses. He told me it was a good gig. Working with Cecil B. DeMille (for a second time) was nice for his résumé. It actually gave him a boost for a religious film he really wanted to do.

“Ben Hur” is one of the best religious films out of Hollywood. It stands the test of time because of William Wyler’s fine direction. And, yes, the chariot race alone is still worth the price of admission.


This is obviously subjective stuff. If you love Cecil B’s heavy-handed narration of his version of the Old Testament, so let it be written. So let it be done,

We’re back with Mel. Now, it’s the French Revolution and those generously endowed girls are displaying their charms. It’s good to be the king!



oddballWhat oddballs this week?

It’s been too cold to go outside. Below zero all day, maybe up to zero right now. So, for this challenge, I’d like to take a trip into my archives and see what pops up.

Garry and Marilyn with President Clinton – in honor of President’s day. Photo: U.S. Secret Service.



Downtown in our small town

Dry leaves

Dry leaves

Hannaford, lights out

Hannaford, lights out