I’m sure you’ve heard about the studies in which chimps/apes are brought up from birth by humans and taught to ‘talk’ through sign language and other means. It’s not a big surprise that other primates close to us on the evolutionary scale can learn to communicate in a fairly sophisticated, ‘human’ way. But I just … Continue reading STELLA, HE TALKING DOG – By ELLIN CURLEY

CAN DONALD TRUMP READ? – Marilyn Armstrong

On Quora today, the question was:  What is Donald Trump's reading level? This particular answer, which I very much enjoyed, comes from Roland Temmerman, Masters in Social Sciences & Political Science (1990). His answer was written on August 19, 2019, but I'm pretty sure nothing much has changed in the interim. I've frequently said … Continue reading CAN DONALD TRUMP READ? – Marilyn Armstrong

WHY ARE WE SO STUPID? – Marilyn Armstrong

I found this cartoon yesterday on Facebook. Yes, Facebook and let's not hear anything more about it, please. It sums up exactly how I feel the fools "up there" in the thrones of power are destroying education in this country. It's only funny if you think it's okay that we have a whole generation of … Continue reading WHY ARE WE SO STUPID? – Marilyn Armstrong

WORLD SHARING AGAIN – Marilyn Armstrong

Share Your World 9-16-19 Fall is beginning to show up and we're supposed to get a couple of cold nights. If it doesn't start to rain nonstop, maybe we WILL get a little bit of Autumn. It would be nice. it's my best season and the most photogenic. Lots of trees, lots of maples. Mucho color! … Continue reading WORLD SHARING AGAIN – Marilyn Armstrong

CHILDHOOD CAN BE ROUGH! – Marilyn Armstrong

Childhood is a challenge. Many of us struggled, had serious problems at home and lived with daily bullying at school. With the attention these issues get in the press today, things have not changed much. Bullying is as much -- or more -- of a problem as it was when I was a kid. Teachers ignore it. … Continue reading CHILDHOOD CAN BE ROUGH! – Marilyn Armstrong


FOWC with Fandango — Homework This is a little rant about schools, educational funding, underpaid, exhausted teachers, outdated textbooks, and overpriced colleges lacking state and federal backing. In the years since I graduated from college in 1967, I've been watching what was a mediocre school system get much worse. I see legally required fancy buildings which … Continue reading EDUCATION AND HOMEWORK – Marilyn Armstrong