FOTD – September 2 – Little Pink Roses

I haven’t done one of these in a long time because my flower garden is a horror show. We’ve had almost no rain. It has been exceptionally hot and humid, so no one has been outside to even try to care for the garden. Usually I get out there and do my best. I chop and hew until it looks at least acceptable. This year, I haven’t done it. The weather has been too hot for anyone with asthma. The longer the garden has gone without any care, the wilder it has gotten. Most of the garden has been taken over by Butterfly Weed, which should be good for butterflies, although I have not seen any butterflies despite the bonanza of flowering weeds.

Pink roses — even without rain

Today, as we were coming home from voting, I stopped to see about the garden and surprisingly, some roses are actually blooming. That’s amazing given that we’ve had almost no rain and such extreme heat. Those are some sturdy roses. These are all pink, but there are a couple of red rose branches which look like they are thinking of blooming soon, too. Amazing. Everything is dying, but those barbed-wire roses just keep on going.

DARK VIOLET AND WHITE – Marilyn Armstrong


The new fuchsia! The shaded elegant flower.

I am very glad to have another after all these years, without any. Without even a place to buy one. I thought they’d stopped growing them. They only had two, both purple and white. This one looked younger and healthier with more buds.

With all the sadness, flower and birds and flying squirrels … and Duke sniffing for squirrels he knows are there, but hasn’t managed to find yet. One day, maybe they will meet. Then again, those squirrels are very fast.

Macro fuchsia – Dark violet and white

FOUR ORCHIDS – Marilyn Armstrong

FOTD – March 4 – Four Orchids

Another bud opened today, so today, there are four orchids and more to come.

Four blooms

And now there are four

The new bloom isn’t fully open yet, but I expect it will be by tomorrow afternoon.


The Cactus is Back – FOTD – March 3, 2020

I’ve been so thrilled by my orchids that I almost forgot that the Christmas Cactus is blooming too. It has a weird way of blooming underneath the greenery. It can be hard to see the flowers.

Big blossom in velvety red
Bloom and bud
Another angle?

MACRO ORCHIDS – Marilyn Armstrong

FOTD – Macro Orchids

There are a lot more buds on the way and I’m hoping this is going to be a long bloom. I got in really close today and got a few pretty macros. I also got some of the newly-bloomed cactus flowers, but that will wait until tomorrow.

Very close
Blooms and buds
Another macro


ANOTHER ORCHID – Marilyn Armstrong


First, there was one orchid flowering. There were several big buds waiting and a couple of days ago, the second flower started to open. I didn’t take any pictures until this morning. By the middle of the day, it was very bright, but the sun was not shining directly through the window. My macro lens was on the camera. I picked it up and here are the results.

Big orchid with the smaller one behind
The double bloom
Two Orchids
Square pair of orchids

There are more photographs for another day. The light was exactly right for this particular piece of photography.

ORCHIDS, OF COURSE – Marilyn Armstrong


Today I fed my orchid 10-10-10 fertilizer and dug out some ice cubes. This is supposed to keep them growing. Apparently, they sort of burn out when they bloom. So let’s hear it for fertilizer and ice cubes. It’s so cold in this house, it’s going to take a long time before those cubes melt!

I’m getting reacquainted with my macro lens. Also, I think we are getting more daylight. Our meteorologist said we are adding 2-1/2 minutes each day. It feels like more.

Warm Orchid
Nice medium shot Love that “heart” in the orchid
In the heart of the orchid


FULL BLOOM – Marilyn Armstrong

FOTD – February 9, 2020 – Orchids

And the first flower was fully open this morning. Three more fat buds waiting. I finally got around to ordering some appropriate fertilizer to keep it blooming.

Very close
In full bloom


Red Cactus Flowers Galore! -FOTD – 05/19/19

There are still unopened buds on the cactus. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cactus bloom nearly continuously for so many months. Maybe it’s the gray, cloudy, cold weather. The cactus seem to like bright light, but not full sun.

Also, while the cactus is doing its thing, the orchids are coming in. So far, I can see three spikes for flowers. I think there will be a few more.

I’d love to buy more orchids, but I have no idea if there’s anyplace in driving distance that sells them. I don’t think I can get these from Amazon — but then again, I haven’t tried. They say you can get anything on Amazon.

Can you buy living flowers? In pots?

As much of the cactus as I could fit in the lens


Pink Christmas Cactus – FOTD – 04/06/2019

The pink cactus is blooming up a storm. I think I got the color a little better today, maybe because the light was better yesterday when I took the pictures.

It was a bright but not sunny morning, which is good for portraits and pictures of plants, but not much fun when shooting outside.

The latest flower
The full plant!


FOTD – January 28, 2019 – FUCHSIA

I don’t have any flowers blooming right now, but I miss flowers and decided to go back into my archives and remember how very much I loved my fuchsia.

I’ve been reprocessing them since I now have a lot more filters than I had when I first got these pictures. As a bonus, there were pictures in there I’d never really looked at before. Actually, there are a lot of pictures in these folders I’ve never used at all.

So – today, fuchsia!

Buds before the blooming
More fuchsia and a little green bug!