A FEW MORE DAYLILIES – Marilyn Armstrong

Flower of the Day – Daylilies

They are beginning to wilt a bit. There are more buds, so we aren’t going to run out of daylilies quite yet. Nonetheless, when you look at the garden, you can see the difference. Lots more wilted lilies, many of them going to seed.

Nearly perfect daylily

The big mass of red roses is beginning to fade too. But unlike the daylilies, the roses will keep coming back all summer. Not with the same massive blanket-like enthusiasm of this month, but there will still be roses until winter’s frost arrives.


Flowers of My Day – The Big Basket of Begonias

Lacking fuchsias, this summer’s deck flowers are a ruffled hanging geranium and its elegant companion, a rich pink begonia.

Not quite a real macro, though using a macro lens

Both plants would probably be happier — or perhaps more enthusiastic — if they had more direct sun. Nonetheless, they seem to have settled for dappled sun and a hefty dose of water.

More macros

Unlike my indoor plants which have to beg me for a drink, the outdoor hanging plants get watered daily when the weather is warm and sunny. They are watered every second day if it’s cool and cloudy and of course not at all when it is raining.

The hardest part of shooting these was getting an angle where the sun wasn’t burning out the color on half the plant. It would be easier if I had a longer reach and could shoot downward.

Both of the hanging plants are doing surprisingly well. Lots of deadheads to clear away. Those are difficult for me to reach. It isn’t arthritis. I’m just so awfully short.

We are having a heat spell right now and the intensity of the sun makes the flowers appear to glow from within.



I was wondering how well the geraniums would do on our deck since we don’t have a lot of sunshine. Answer? Fine, thank you. I grew geraniums like this in Israel in full and incredibly hot sun … and they will also grow here, in dappled shade.

I guess you can grow these pretty much anywhere. I haven’t tried growing them inside and I suspect that probably wouldn’t work out. But you never know.

The whole plant on one of our sunny days
Macro time!
Not the favorite flower for bees. They prefer the begonia and the wildflowers in the front garden.


Flowers of the Day and Probably for the Summer

Every summer, I hang two pots on the deck. I used to hand two fuchsias and some begonias in the corners, but for the past few years, no one is growing fuchsia, so it has been some form of begonia.

This year, it’s on trailing geranium and a lovely pink begonia. I miss the fuchsia and don’t understand why no one is growing them. Someone said they went out of style.

Went out of style? How does something that beautiful “go out of style”? And the fuchsia were very popular with the hummingbirds. I hope they will like these flowers half as well.

One geranium

It was a cool but pleasant day, so while Garry was out — little did I know he was busy taking pictures too. I took a some macros of the hanging pots on the deck and got a few of the lilacs. It’s hard to get the lilacs. They are way high up off the ground. It’s easier for me to shoot them from the deck with a really long lens.

I guess we’ll have to do some work on the lilacs to make them come back a bit lower to the ground!

Two geranium

The weather was so bad this winter, I almost gave up photography, but Garry went out there and took tons of them. He came in frozen solid, but he had pictures.

Pink begonias

After the March storms, he put the camera down and seemed to have no interest in shooting anything. I think he was tired. He made up for it today.

More pink begonias

We both did, actually. Between the two of us, this was a solid 300 shot day, most of them from Garry. But these are mine. It’s definitely macro time!

Deck flowers 2018

I don’t put up so many flowers these days. It’s hard for me to lift the watering can up over my head, so two pots generally suffice. But if someone would please grow some fuchsia, I’d make the sacrifice!


Garry went out to find me fuchsia, but the fuchsia guy is gone. No one has seen him and the shop is closed. Enterprising spirit that he is, he found me a glorious basket of pink begonias. I need one more basket for the patio, but that one is glorious.

Variegated Geranium

Today I bought a second hanging pot, a variegated geranium — purple and white. Supposedly it’ll cope with living in less than full sunlight. I hope so. Usually, geraniums really prefer a lot of sun, which I do not have.

Hanging Begonia
I love the little patches that look like roses
More miniature roses
Hanging geraniums
A hard shade of pink to capture
Flowers of my day – Pink Begonia and Variegated Geranium

MACRO DUKE – Marilyn Armstrong

Ever taken pictures of your pets with a macro lens? Me neither.

But today I was sitting by the computer about to take the SD card out of the camera and stick it in the reader, when I realized Duke was nose-to-nose with me.

He likes that. He particularly likes sticking his wet nose in my ear and sniffing loudly.

So instead of taking out the chip, I leaned back and took a bunch of doggy macros. Even using a macro lens, we were a wee bit too close for comfort, but it was fun. I’m sure Duke enjoyed it. I think he likes having his picture taken.

Duke smiling


I must admit, this is the most amazing bloom I’ve ever gotten from any of my cacti. Not only are there a lot of flowers — new flowers replacing earlier flowers — but the flowering is lasting a long time.

This morning, while I was fixing my coffee and toast, I realized there was sunshine in the dining room. For the first time in weeks, the cacti were brightly lit. I was torn. Eat my warm toast  –or take pictures of flowers.

Of course I took the pictures because you can make toast any time, but sunlight on flowers is a brief moment. Later, my toast was cold but the pictures came out great. All that bright sunlight let me get some use out of my macro lens.

Macros are such weird lenses. They either do amazing, fantastic work … or they make you crazy with frustration. This was one of the good days. I used a different kinds of processing to catch both the colors and the complexity of the blooms.

Flower of the Day