A Photo a Week Challenge: Three Angles

From the back, Boston Statehouse – Built 1795–1798

From the front, Boston statehouse


Boston’s statehouse’s resemblance to the U.S. Capital is not accidental. The Capital’s cornerstone was laid by George Washington on September 18, 1793. The building was completed in 1800. Both buildings used the same architect (Charles Bulfinch) and were built during the same decade.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Clouds

A 360-degree sunset above the Housatonic River in Connecticut. If you stood on the dock and turned slowly in a circle, there would be a different color and formation of clouds in each bit of turning. I’ve never seen a sky like that before.

And then, there were clouds over the mountains in Arizona … and the mountains in Maine and Vermont. And sometimes, over the shore on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Ogunquit, Maine.

Sunset through clouds on the road home in Massachusetts – February

On the Housatonic River in Connecticut – September

In Jackman, Maine – October

Rockport, Massachusetts – July

Ogunquit, Maine – September

The desert near Phoenix, Arizona – January

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Housatonic River marina with reflections – September

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Housatonic River – September

Photo: Garry Armstrong: Route 146 crossing Chocolog Road in Uxbridge. Golden trees in a February sunset

A strange golden sunset on the way home in Uxbridge – February

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Attean View, Jackman, Maine – October

Sunset over the Phoenix mountains, Arizona – January

BIRD DU JOUR – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Open Topic

We’ve been so busy trying to capture the foliage before it disappears I’ve had little time to shoot the birds. But also, we don’t have the number of birds we had last year. Fewer than half and many groups of birds are just gone. I keep hoping they’ll be back.

Today I did take some pictures, mostly of our newly arrived Blue Jays. In all the years of growing up where Blue Jays were everywhere, I never realized how beautiful they are.

Nuthatch about to take to the air

Fly away home

I managed to get two flyers today. I’m always so happy when I can capture them in the air. It’s rare!


A Photo a Week Challenge: Texture

I love texture in photographs. The texture of still waters reflecting as well as any mirror. The roughness of rocks, the shine of finished wood, the roughness of freshly cut wood.

Stone steps lead down to the shiny canal

Dry husks of Indian corn against a sunny window

A coil of hemp rope on a boat

The fluff of a young squirrel

Still water and the rush of the dam

WHAT’S FOR DINNER? – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: What’s For Dinner

It’s been an interesting eating week. I got tired of cooking. To be fair, I’ve been tired of cooking for at least 10 years, but Garry doesn’t cook and apparently, isn’t planning to learn. I decided to try something new and buy a lot of cold food we can use for salads and sandwiches.

I was going to cook some redfish for dinner, but I’m tired and headachy, so I made sandwiches and the fish will wait for tomorrow. I’m not all that fond of redfish anyway, even if it is from the Gulf of Maine.

MELLOW YELLOW – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Yellow

We were away for three days and the bananas didn’t do well. Three of them literally fell apart when I tried to stack them up and were too gooey even for a photograph. Two made it, but they are still going into the trash.

Bananas don’t last. But, lucky for me, Garry brought home a batch of acorn squash, so I have yellow on yellow. I suppose the acorn squash is more ochre … but that’s sort of yellow, right?


GRANDPARENTS ARE US! – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Grandparents

We two grandparents during Garry’s entry in the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame – September 2012

9-12-2013 Quincy, Mass 450 guests attended Seventh Annual Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame Luncheon held at the Boston Marriot Quincy Hotel. L. to R. are Marilyn Armstrong and her husband Hall of Fame former Channel 7 reporter Garry Armstrong.

Boston Globe photo by Bill Brett.