Photo A Week Challenge


A Photo a Week Challenge: Nature at Work Water plants in the Blackstone River, a Bluebird, a Goldfinch, white Rhododendrons, and a waterfall. And finally, the super lunar eclipse last May.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Focal Point My eyes are not good at close focusing anymore. Even with a magnifying glass, I really can’t see a lot of small text, especially the labeling on medications. I’m sure the people who design… Read More ›


A Photo a Week: Water Living in a watershed valley, there really is water everywhere. No ocean, but I don’t believe you can live anywhere in this valley and be more than a quarter of a mile from a river, stream,… Read More ›


A Photo a Week Challenge: Props The only group I know that are performing are friends who do audio performances — live. They only props they use are microphones and a dial telephone that has an old-fashioned ringing sound, into which… Read More ›


A Photo a Week Challenge: Reflection Sometimes, the reflections in the water is so sharp, it looks more “real” than the non-reflection above it. But always, because we live by rivers and ponds that are not fast flowing, reflections double the… Read More ›


A PHOTO A WEEK: FROM THE SIDE Sideways birds in three amazing colors! I love when all the different color birds show up by the feeders together. What a joyful collection they make.