FINAL ENDINGS – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Endings

There are endings … and then there are final endings. This particular cemetery is in the middle of town, right across from the waterfall. It predates the Revolutionary War and many soldiers through World War I are buried there.

Our Commons is also full of memorials to those who died in the Civil War, World War I and II … and more. If we have many more wars, there will be no space left on the Commons. It will be entirely composed of war memorials.

That’s a thought to ponder, isn’t it?

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Another memorial along the river


A Photo a Week Challenge: Squares and Circles
The railroad man’s watch – A Circle in a Square!

Squares in a square


A Photo a Week Challenge: Raindrops

It has been raining more in the past few months than in any other months in the history of weather records, which is more than 200 years. April was the rainiest month ever recorded. Surprisingly, I don’t have a lot of rain pictures because I got pretty sulky about the rain and refused to go out unless it was a doctor’s appointment or grocery shopping. But I have a lot of pictures of birds and squirrels in the rain.

They don’t seem to mind. Or maybe having no choice in the matter, rain is just there, like the wind and the trees. It’s life in the big woods. Like snow and heat. When outside is home, the weather is life.

This squirrel is actually shaking off the raindrops.
Rain on Election day. Probably should have known it wasn’t going our way.
Rain on the window
Rain on the feeder’s roof
Rain on the Cowbirds

THREE OF A KIND – OR VERY CLOSE – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Three of a Kind

Last week, it was the rule of three, but this week, it’s three of a kind. This is pretty easy because I take the same pictures over and over hoping at least one of them will be perfect.

Nothing is ever perfect!

I was lucky. Garry actually liked all of these and a few others too.


A Photo a Week Challenge: The Rule of Thirds

Photography – Garry Armstrong and Marilyn Armstrong

The whole point about this rule — which is not a rule, but a guideline — is to try to urge photographers to not put everything dead-center of the photograph. Moving things around so that they are off-center make the picture more “active” and interesting. It gives it a sense of “action” that moves the viewer’s eyes.

Blackstone River in Rhode Island – Photo, Garry Armstrong

Except when you absolutely need something right in the middle and there are pictures which call of that.

Hey, you’re a photographer. Guidelines are useful, but they are not a replacement for artistic judgment or using your eye to get the picture the way you want it.

Marilyn with the camera – Photo, Garry Armstrong

Yesterday, Garry and I went out shooting because it was a nice day and the rest of the week will be alternatively gray, rainy, very rainy, monsoon-like, and chilly. We’ve had the wettest April on record and I’m hoping May won’t be equally damp.

Half my garden has drowned in the mud and I can’t even try to fix it because it’s still raining and the ground is like quick-mud.

A chubby dove – Photo: Marilyn Armstrong

We went down to the Rhode Island end of the Blackstone River yesterday. Why there? Because they are doing roadwork on our street in the direction of town and now that they’ve passed laws against driving while dialing, everyone makes their phone calls or sends texts when they are at a stop sign.

Two Goldfinches – Photo, Marilyn Armstrong

The result is a really slow progression of cars. Since all of our local roads are just two lanes (in some cases barely even two), one slow car stops everything.

We went the other way where there was no traffic. And we took pictures.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Beauty

Most of my really beautiful pictures are landscapes. This is probably because we are a bit short in the magnificent building department in south-central Massachusetts.

These are favorite and I think they are naturally beautiful. And all from nature with perhaps a little touch up from humans.

Attean View – Jackman, Maine
Attean View – October – Jackman, Maine
And in the mid-October, we have autumn on the Canal

Happy holiday to all who celebrate and a great weekend to everyone!