IN AND OUT – BLACK & WHITE STEPS – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Black & White Photos: Steps, Inside or Out

With contributions from Ben Taylor and Garry Armstrong.

Fire escapes on Beacon Hill
Photo: Ben Taylor – Cat on a ladder in the barn
Up the stairs!
Don’t fall!
Up the companionway – Photo: Garry Armstrong
Balcony steps


Here is the third installment of glass photos from my home. These are glass pieces that I find both beautiful and unusual.


MEN AT WORK – Marilyn Armstrong

Weekly Photo Challenge: People at Work

And finally, the big guys — my son and his friend Dave — came and installed the door. It took months between one thing and another, but it got done. Phew.

Waiting for installation
The supervisor checks to make sure it’s being done right
Just about ready


Yup, it’s a door!
Looking out, much better light
Definitely a door!
Don’t forget the dogs
Two doors — one for humans, one for dogs
And finally, painted. Good job, guys. Brilliant guys.

Men at work, door installed, dog door ready. Great job! Thank you and again, thank you!


A Photo a Week Challenge: Whimsical

Celebriducks are the most intentionally whimsical toys in the world. Not only do they float in your tub, but because of their weight distribution, they tend to float upside down. Since few of us actually bathe with a rubber ducky, it doesn’t really matter. I guess.

Two Celebriducks – Groucho Duck and Lone Ranger Duck

Before the dogs totally destroyed ALL their toys — and there were a lot of them — they were surprisingly whimsical. Now, they are rags and bits of scrap fabric.



From Paula:

Welcome to another Pick-a-Word Thursday’s Special. I hope that the choices I made for this month’s photo challenge will allow you a lot of liberty in interpretation. As always you can pick either of the 5, some or all of them. Here are the words to choose from: gushing,  aperture,  frontier, triplets, tapered.


Frontier in Arizona
Three Margaret O’Brien dolls, from Madame Alexander
Tapered candle flame

jupiter najnajnoviji

ANY WHICH WAY – Garry Armstrong

Which Way Challenge: October 1, 2018

We found a place we thought we’d lost this week. What a great feeling to not be lost for a change! We took a lot of pictures and we will take more tomorrow because it probably won’t rain.

Which would be great since it has been raining all week. And most of the week before. Our rivers are at their crest. Another inch of rain and we will all be canoeing through downtown Uxbridge.

Marilyn as the photographer in blue
Ramp down the side of the Manchaug post office.
Photo: Garry Armstrong
The long road with a hint of our car – Photo: Garry Armstrong
A path along the river – Photo: Garry Armstrong


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Circles and Curves

This first shot is the camera that took the rest of the pictures. It is a Panasonic Lumix FZ-1000. After I gave Garry the FZ-300, I realized I didn’t have a long lens anymore since the 300 was my long lens. It was why I’d bought it and it had been brilliant in the pursuit of small things a long way off.

Panasonic Lumix FZ-1000

There wasn’t any (affordable) upgrade version of the 300, but I found a really good price on the FZ-1000. It does a lot more than take long shots with its zoom. It is a very smart camera. Sadly, I am not as smart a photographer and though it is some months later, I’m still learning what it will do.

Lots of curves and circles but you’ll have to look for them.

One of the things it does (finally!) better than any other camera I’ve owned is to take pictures in “real” black & white rather than “sepia” and white.

Utensils in a form titled “Ice Cold.” Maybe because it’s so blue?

Taking originals in black & white leaves limited ways you can use color in the final print since there was no color in the first place. Using monochrome filters, I’ve been able to find some interesting variations on a theme of black & white.

Garlic drying in a barn

From antique to sparkling, it’s kind of amazing. I think I will own this camera for years and never fully grasp its capabilities. There is a manual, but it was not written by a writer.

Yellow berries along Manchaug’s stream. This is where I start to wonder where monochrome ends and some version of B & W begins. This is considered a monochrome format and to a degree it is. But … is it really? I love the texture of the berries and leaves, so I included it … but still, I wonder.

Many of its abilities are not explained in a way that makes sense. To me. I’m sure someone understands what’s being discussed, but I am not one of them.

Over time I will, presumably, figure them all out.