CFFC: Weathered Wood It seemed for a while that all the weathered wood photos I had were full of birds. Birds are very good at weathering wood. Then, I finally I found a few things that aren’t all birdy. Phew!


FOTD – June 5 – June Garden Usually by now the garden is blossoming like mad. It looks like will will have both roses and daylilies, but not yet. Why are they so late? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the erratic… Read More ›


I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while. Garry and I are in an age group where our friends, colleagues, and family all have some kind of physical issue. It may be minor, something requiring medication. Easily controlled…. Read More ›

Like Bookends

We met in college. 1964. I was 17, he was 22 and recently out of the Marines. The college radio station was a great place to make friends, a great place to form relationships. We worked together, played together, dreamed… Read More ›


FOTD – June 2 – Deck Flowers Now that we are three years into growing flowers on our deck, I’m beginning to learn what grows well there. The answer is petunias, begonias and lantana. Since we had to cut down… Read More ›


Great Cormorant, Bird of the Week XIII It sounds like the kind of cursing Clark Kent’s boss at the Daily Planet used. “Great cormorant, what are you writing Clark?” As it happens, I do have a few cormorant pictures from last… Read More ›