A Photo a Week: On the Horizon

Nancy Merrill is asking for a picture on the horizon. I guess that could include sunrise, sunset, city skyline, or a roof. In this case, it’s simply the skyline of the road on which we were traveling — Route 201 northbound to Skowhegan, Maine.

It was September, the beginning of Autumn in Maine. And with each mile northward we drove, the more autumnal the scenery became. It isn’t just the latitude. It’s also the altitude. As we drove north, we were also driving up into the mountains.

Autumn on the road to Skowhegan, Maine


Which Way Challenge: 1-3-2019

Which way is ever so much more complicated when you get involved with ships that have real rigging and masts and stuff. Nothing looks more beautiful on the water than a multi-masted ship … and nothing can be more complicated to find your way around! I’ve heard that submarines are really difficult, but the only submarine I was on was one of those 60-foot long hot dogs they use to look at the fish in the Caribbean. The big ones are for the military — and I’m not one of them!

The wharf is the oldest area of Boston and the one undergoing the most change right now
On the road to Skowhegan. Hi Bette!
A tiny, very old road that actually doesn’t go anywhere, at least not anymore.

WHICH WAY? THE GPS KNOWS, BUT I’M LOST – Marilyn & Garry Armstrong

Which Way Challenge: 11/29/2018

Not much traveling this month. Just one short visit to Connecticut. I don’t think the grocery store really counts, but maybe our driveway does?

It has been raining more days this month than it has been clear. Forget about sunny. If it hasn’t been raining or snowing, it has been gray and gloomy.

Not great photography weather and not very inspiring for getting out there and shooting.

Leave covered driveway in early November
Crossroads of Chestnut Street and the Worcester-Providence railroad
Photo: Garry Armstrong – The road from the elections homeward bound
Photo: Garry Armstrong – The last of autumn in early November
Chestnut Street as autumn ends
The wet and rainy ride to vote  – Photo: Garry Armstrong
Stuck in traffic on the way to Connecticut


Which Way Challenge: November 22, 2018

Haven’t been out on the road much, but I did manage to take a few shots when we were on our way back from Connecticut.  I knew I would need some road pictures. And here they are.

We got stuck in a couple of hours of non-moving traffic which always gives me time to take a few shots. Not great shots, but … a little something.


Cee has cut back on the number of blogs she is publishing. Honestly, I have no idea she did so much for so long and I wish her the best.

So … we have a takeover by SonOfABeach and I will add a few things just so he won’t feel lonely!

Which Way Challenge: New Host

The car is crooked because the driveway isn’t flat. Deal with it. 
The horse knows the way 
Changing our car … 
From inside looking out at UMass Memorial Hospital 


WHICH WAY? NO, REALLY … WHICH WAY? – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – August 24, 2018

Garry and I got lost in the hospital. We went the wrong way out of the elevator and suddenly, I realized I’d never seen those bank machines before … and the cafeteria … we hadn’t passed that on the way in.

No one gets lost like we do. We have a special talent. Even when we find our to the place we are intending to go, we will probably get lost in the parking lot or inside the building. Or while trying to find the restroom.

The only place this works in our favor is when we are looking for new places to take pictures and just drive randomly around, hoping we’ll find a new dam or a lake or a heron.

So for me, “Which Way” is a valid expression of the meaning of what I humorously call “life.”

Out the window of Miss Mendon

They don’t need a road. Goats can just go. They are walking on top of a stone fence.
Horses don’t need a GPS … YOU are the GPS.
Chickens don’t get lost
Walk down the aisle?

WHICH WAY? DOWN BY THE FARM – Garry & Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – August 17, 2018

Ben, Garry, and I went around to the farms along the river. Our hope was to get some pictures and maybe, with luck, some fresh corn, too.

We got both.

The barn on the road by the river …
And this is where we found the corn!
How exciting! Corn!
Road from the farm towards Rhode Island
Another farm …