FOTD – May 22 – COLUMBINE It must be spring because the Columbine is blooming. We don’t have the fancy columbine I’ve seen in other people’s pictures. Ours looks more like the wild version, though we planted it ourselves back… Read More ›


How easy it is to shop online? I spent the last 3 hours searching for an effective flea and tick repellant for the Duke. There are some new products on the market including an edible tick and flea repellant, but… Read More ›


SHARE YOUR WORLD 5-April-2022 Hack, hack, choke, sneeze, gasp. Oh, hi there. Spring must be springing because, choke, wheeze, gasp — we can’t breathe! Or see because our eyes are full of whatever is in the air. Pollen. Dog hair. Dust…. Read More ›