Swan Boat Summer

Boston Common is more than a park. With the Boston Public Garden adjacent to the common, it forms the green heart of a city that has grown big around the edges, but remains small and cozy at heart. Friendly ducks, and… Read More ›

Following the Blackstone River

Despite hundred of years of industrial pollution, the Blackstone River Valley survives. A complex of rivers, tributaries, wetlands, forests, lakes and streams., the Blackstone River Watershed contains more than 30 dams  in its 46-mile length. This does not include dams on tributaries and other… Read More ›

Coming to Jerusalem

Once upon a time, in another life, I had a home in Jerusalem, just down the road from Jaffa Gate. Nowadays, when I remember Jerusalem, the edges are soft. My Jerusalem is gone. Time brought housing projects, shopping malls, office parks…. Read More ›

Charge! Address the Mess!

My world runs on rechargeable batteries. Three laptops, two Kindles, two cellphones, six cameras, four mouses (mice have fur and make squeaky noises, mouses attach to your computer), wireless keyboards, GPS, various clocks, flashlights, who-knows-how-many remote controls, electric razors, tooth cleaning machines,… Read More ›