Once by Ice and Once by Fire – Reblog – Judy Dykstra-Brown

Add to this “Fire and Ice” and we have a pattern. Read people. Please read!

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Once by Ice and Once by Fire

Once by ice and now by fire, erasing her mistakes,
Mother Earth must wonder how many times it takes
to finally get the world planned right, for once the lot is cast,
how can she watch sufficiently  a planet that’s so vast?

Her hope is that but rarely she must resort to extinction
to control a species risen to such great distinction
that it uses up more resources than it can provide.
How many times must she restore a planet that has died?

She casts a might yawn and then breathes fire once again—
cancelling out excesses that they can’t see as sin.
Caught in a clinch as they resist all means of education,
perhaps the only answer is mankind’s eradication.

IMG_0970 (1)

Prompt words today are extinct, rarely, clinch, vast and hope.

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2020 is a Dangerous Year

I had not thought of this, but I can easily see how the number 20 makes forging the date extremely easy. Thank you, Fandango. I’ve been writing 2020 anyway out of habit, but I think I can handle an extra two characters without a lot of strain. A VERY good idea in this age of hacking and fraud — from someone who has been hacked, frauded, with many attempts in between. And those hackers and defrauders get more ingenious every day.

This, That, and The Other

6FD477C4-A68B-47B2-B66A-E4E245DB7A4DNever use “20” as a substitute for, or an abbreviation of, “2020.”

I learned this yesterday as I was signing a bunch of legal documents having to do with the purchase of my new home. My wife and I were sitting across the table from a notary public who had to witness each of us sign what must have been at least 30 different documents. The notary handed me the first document and said, “Sign and date on the line right above where your name is typed.”

I took the sheet of paper she handed me and used the pen with blue ink she gave me — it had to be blue ink, she said — and affixed my signature in the designated place and then dated it “1/16/20.”

She looked at it and then handed it back to me. “No,” she said, “you need to write ‘2020’ instead of…

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A Miscellany of Marvellous Mead

Mead is delicious. But what a hangover it leaves behind!

As my Mead-ieval Quest draws to a close and the festive season begins, I wanted to share a taste of all kinds of things I’ve discovered during my journey through the realm of honey wine. This enduring drink cropped up all over the place, enjoyed by all levels of society from peasants in humble taverns to nobility and royalty in their sumptuous great halls. And its fame is immortalised in literature, featuring in great works from Beowulf to Chaucer and Shakespeare, the latter possibly because it was one of Elizabeth I’s favourite tipples. Mead is an age-old boozy beverage that crossed the divides of class, culture and land the world over, so come with me on a wander through the weird and wonderful world of this unique drink.

medieval feast.pngLet the festivities begin…

A mead by any other name

Mead has all kinds of aliases, appearing throughout history in a plethora…

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Climate Change–Everyone is a long story

Giving up is NOT an option. We’ve lived with the fire and now we have to finally, at long last, figure out how to put it out. Once and for all, end the burning.

Views from the Edge

David Kanigan’s Sunday Morning introduced me to Niall Williams’s words and a photograph of architecture from Berlin. “We are our stories. We tell them to stay alive or keep alive those who only live now in the telling. In Faha, County Clare, everyone is a long story….” — Niall Williams, History of the Rain.


Pondering Williams’ short sentence reminded me of Frederick Buechner’s Telling Secrets. We don’t just have stories. We ARE our stories. And our stories contain secrets.

I’m imagining a scene that will not happen in real time. There is a large room. Folding wooden chairs have been arranged in a huge circle. Members of Congress and their staff members are sitting there. There is no assigned seating. Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi are there.

Adam Schiff and Doug Collins are there. Scattered among the tailored suits and silk ties are…

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A better way for Bloomberg and Steyer to spend all that cash

This is a really GOOD idea! They should do it!


The Republicans are in full hypocrisy mode. Their entire argument against impeachment is “The Democrats are being mean because they just don’t like President Trump.”

They have attempted to hijack the narrative with their histrionics about the unfairness of the process and how Donald Trump did nothing wrong in requesting a foreign country to conduct an investigation into Hunter Biden for his sweetheart deal with a Ukrainian gas company — because we certainly can’t trust the FBI or Interpol, right?

I won’t get into the weeds of the impeachment procedures since there are no weeds. Trump did it, acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said Trump did it, career civil servants said he did it, and Trump himself said he did it. Republicans aren’t saying he didn’t do it, just that it wasn’t a crime and they yell, scream and sound like a choir of square dance callers and livestock…

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Why Doesn’t The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Fall Over?

With all the flooding, I think this may add to that tilt.


The tower of Pisa has been leaning for over 800 years. In 1990, engineers projected that the tower would topple if it reached an angle of 5.44 degrees— and the structure was still leaning at 5.5. What gives the tower its infamous tilt, and why hasn’t it collapsed yet?

Via – TED-Ed

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Deutsche Bank Executive Found Dead

Or, as Judy Dykstra-Brown said: “Curioser and curioser.”

A lot from Lydia

Thomas Bowers, identified as the former Deutsche Bank executive who signed off on loans to tRump at a time when no US bank would take the risk on the six-time bankruptcy filing scam artist, died at the age of 55.

Bowers was found dead, of an apparent suicide, ten days ago in California.

This is the second case of a potential witness in a position to offer damning information on tRump, found hanging. Pedophile sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was the first.

A similar tactic can be found in Putin’s playbook, although in that case, witnesses are typically thrown out of windows and are considered to be victims of the “Russian flew.”

I am reminded that we have never received answers to the following—

  • Why did Supreme Court Justice Kennedy retire so abruptly after meeting with Trump, Ivanka, and Kushner?
  • What role did SCOTUS Kennedy’s son, tRump’s contact at Deutsche Bank…

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THE VIRUS LINGERS ON – Marilyn Armstrong

The Norovirus is what people locally call “stomach flu” isn’t flu. It’s a gastrointestinal virus and I won’t get into the icky details, but trust me, it’s no fun at all. It is also highly contagious. It doesn’t kill anyone, but it can make you wish you had a hole into which you can crawl. Which is what i’m doing.

I only got out of bed because I figured I needed to put my body in a different position, but I’m getting ready to go back to bed.

The thing about this virus is that you become contagious often weeks before you get sick. It is carried by touch so beware of … well … everything. Cooking is a great way to pass it around. Being a virus, there’s no cure for it. There are no drugs that will make it go away.

Stay home. Don’t pass it around if you have a choice. Drink a lot of liquid, eat rice and toast and don’t forget some homemade chicken soup. Have a banana for dessert.

They have started closing entire schools because this races through classrooms and it’s a real bummer having the whole family sick for the holidays.

It ain’t gonna kill you, but it can really ruin your day.

What Impeachment Means to Me, An American

Although none of us really wants to watch these hearings, I think many of us should. It’s important. It matters. This is OUR country. It doesn’t belong to the squatters in the White House. We need them to know that.


Sorry, Republicans and Democrats, you don’t get to define what the impeachment inquiry means to me. You don’t get to tell me what to watch or who to listen to when the inquiry goes public today.

As an American living in a country constructed more than 240 years ago by a few brilliant men, I get to mentally digest what these government officials have to say about Donald J. Trump’s words and actions with respect to Ukraine and the upcoming 2020 presidential election campaign.

This privilege and responsibility of determining whether Trump’s latest gambit to secure re-election to the highest office in our government rises to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors” is mine as well as my representatives in Congress.

Trust me, I will let them know how I feel once the hearings are completed. I won’t be bashful. I won’t pull any punches. In fact I might even…

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How Much Data Can Our Brains Store?

I need a bigger hard drive between my ears. Or maybe I don’t even need a brain. I would get into less trouble if my brain weren’t in the way.


Synapses are the workhorse of memory like a bit in a computer. With approximately 250 trillion synapses in our brains, we could store about 30 terabytes of data in our brain, or 30 trillion bytes. But signals from neurons at the synapse can vary in size.

Via – SciShow

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Gazing out of her bedroom window, she nothing that each feeder had two or three squirrels clinging to it and there were more of them on the deck and on the railing.

“This,” she said to herself, “Is ridiculous. How many of them ARE there?” She opened the window and yelled out the window, but the squirrels ignored her. They didn’t even twitch a tail.

So, barefoot and lacking eyeglasses, she trundled to the kitchen, opened the back door and yelled at the squirrels. There was a wild reaction as squirrels appeared from behind the rails, under the rails, under the deck, on and atop the feeders … and it turns out there were half a dozen chipmunks there, too.

One big one, the biggest, fattest, most hostile of the squirrel gang stood his ground. She finally opened the door and tried pushing him off the railing. That was when the cadre of apparently karate-trained squirrels came at her from every direction.

Only white bones were left on the deck, left for the sun to whiten and the heat of next summer to bleach. Alas, there will be no one to contract with the gutter installers on Friday.

The manager has been consumed by squirrels.