Ellin Curley has always loved the theater. While at Georgetown University Law Center in the early 1970’s,  Ellin was one of the founding members of The Georgetown Gilbert & Sullivan Society, a theatrical company that bills itself as “America’s Only Theater Group With It’s Own Law School.” The company is still thriving today.  While she enjoyed performing on stage, Ellin soon realized she enjoyed writing much more. She wrote humorous poems for family and friends and in the 1990’s started a company called “Photo-Synthesis,” which provided personalized poems for individual and corporate clients.

She then went on to write “Rhyming Rants: Witty and Terse, Essays In Verse,” covering topics like parenthood, growing old gracefully and over-the-top dog lovers. In 2012 she entered the world of audio theater, teaming with her husband Tom to write On The Internet Nobody Knows You’re a Dog, performed by members of VoiceScapes at the 2012 National Audio Theatre Festival Workshop.  She also wrote or co-wrote a variety of VoiceScapes original productions.

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