Tom Curley first entered the world of audio theater in college. He worked for four years at Hofstra University’s college radio station WVHC (now WRHU). While there he created 30 episodes of a one-hour comedy radio show called Fulton’s Folly.  At the time he was heavily influenced by groups such as Monty Python and of course Firesign Theater. Tom then went to work for the ABC Radio Network, WCBS FM and then to the CBS Television Network where he worked until retirement.

Tom and his boat dog

During his tenure at CBS he worked as an audio engineer on such shows as 60 MinutesThe CBS Morning NewsThe CBS Evening NewsThe NFL Today and The Joan Rivers Show. In 1992 he became one of the first “Hyphenate” Director/Technical Directors for CBS News Up To The Minute. In 2000 he went to work for CBS MarketWatch.  He also created nine episodes of a comedy series called A Half Hour Radio Show, which was nationally syndicated. It is currently online for free downloads.

Tom also wrote and produced what can arguably be called the first full-length parody of Star Trek, called Sterling Bronson, Space Engineer. It is available online.

In 2011 he retired from CBS. His true love and hobby is still audio theater. He has been the show director for two seasons with the National Audio Theater Festivals audio workshop and now is a member of VoiceScapes. He co-wrote and directed the 2012 NATF workshop production of On The Internet Nobody Knows You’re A Dog with his wife Ellin.

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