MELLOW YELLOW – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Yellow

We were away for three days and the bananas didn’t do well. Three of them literally fell apart when I tried to stack them up and were too gooey even for a photograph. Two made it, but they are still going into the trash.

Bananas don’t last. But, lucky for me, Garry brought home a batch of acorn squash, so I have yellow on yellow. I suppose the acorn squash is more ochre … but that’s sort of yellow, right?



A Photo a Week Challenge: Still-Life (sort of)

Still-life for me is usually cherries. Why cherries? Because they are round, red, and delicious. But Nancy already did cherries and I cannot do better.

So I went with peaches. Ripe (almost) ready to eat. Not quite ready. Maybe tomorrow.


PHOTO A WEEK: BLUE – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Blue

There’s so much blue in our world. Sky and sea, houses and turquoise and … well … everything.

And so, this is a little bit of everything!

COWS ON A DAIRY FARM – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Livestock

Nancy only photographs livestock on vacation. I only photograph them in the neighborhood, probably because this area is full of farms. Dairy farms and horse farms. A few llamas here and there and lots of chickens.

The cows are my favorite. They are friendly and I think they like having their pictures taken. They always give me their best side!


A Photo a Week Challenge: Birds

Heron on the Housatonic River
Cardinals have scarlet beaks to match their feathers
Flying across the pond