Blackstone River


Like many photographers, I’ve experimented with manipulating images to look like paintings, posters, line drawing, and other art forms. ┬áThese three came out nicely, I think. I don’t know if they are photographs anymore. I think after a sufficient amount… Read More ›

A Tiny Waterfall

n A Tiny Waterfall, a photo by teepee12 on Flickr. A tiny waterfall at an unnamed dam on the Blackstone River in Slatersville, RI. Related articles The Watershed ( A Bright Sunday Afternoon in June ( National Park Guide: Rhode… Read More ›

An October Week

What a difference a week makes! Well, actually, 8 days, but why quibble? October 21st, a bright sunny day by the Blackstone Canal, we watched the water, I took some pictures of bright foliage. It wasn’t a record-breaking year …… Read More ›

The River

When first we moved here from Boston, it was wonderful, but so different. Although I’d lived in the suburbs and spent most of my vacation time through the years out in the country, I’d never lived so far from a… Read More ›