Dock at River Bend Farm

Along the banks of the Blackstone River in the heart of the Blackstone Valley, everything, everyone waits for spring. — Related articles A harness on Blackstone River. (amyinu.com) Maple sugaring season arrives in Uxbridge (milforddailynews.com) From Slaves to Spinning: Born… Read More ›

Strange Reflections

  The day I took these pictures, the water made these reflections … unlike any other reflections I’ve ever seen. They were so sharp and so abstract, like a flowing painting. I’ve never seen it since and I was lucky… Read More ›

October Country

Mid October would typically be when this region would be hitting peak color. We would be looking forward to another week or two of brilliant color, but the unpredictable New England weather  zapped us again. The leaves brightened early. It… Read More ›