Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


CFFC: City Structures Cities are unique. Some city centers have a dam and a waterfall, others have tall buildings or cobblestone streets. Occasionally, you can see a tall ship on the wharf. It depends on the town.


CFFC: Landscapes or Waterscapes That’s a pretty good description of my entire photographic content, not counting a few candid portraits by or of me. So this one, at least, should be easy peasy. The two pictures on the far right are… Read More ›


CFFC: Abandoned Buildings or Barns In the early 2000s, there were a lot of old, nearly collapsed barns and sheds, as well as long-abandoned mills. Since then many old wooden mills have burned down, but anything reasonably solid was renovated and… Read More ›


CFFC: Joints or Connecting Points What an interesting challenge! There are so many kinds of connections from tiny to huge. It was a challenge merely picking my favorites.


CFFC: Edges and Ledges In a rare act of cooperation, the photographs I was looking for popped up immediately. Garry used to like edges and ledge, but that was a while back. I don’t think he’d be out there now.


CFFC: Metal From pots and pans to giant metal structures in an endlessly growing city, metal is everywhere. Old and new, shiny and raw, it’s wherever you look and many places you never thought to look.


CFFC: Birds I have some favorites and this seems a perfect time to show them off especially since all my feeders are down right now. Between the swarming hornets and an outbreak of avian flu, we are just feeding them… Read More ›