WHICH WAY? NO, REALLY … WHICH WAY? – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – August 24, 2018

Garry and I got lost in the hospital. We went the wrong way out of the elevator and suddenly, I realized I’d never seen those bank machines before … and the cafeteria … we hadn’t passed that on the way in.

No one gets lost like we do. We have a special talent. Even when we find our to the place we are intending to go, we will probably get lost in the parking lot or inside the building. Or while trying to find the restroom.

The only place this works in our favor is when we are looking for new places to take pictures and just drive randomly around, hoping we’ll find a new dam or a lake or a heron.

So for me, “Which Way” is a valid expression of the meaning of what I humorously call “life.”

Out the window of Miss Mendon

They don’t need a road. Goats can just go. They are walking on top of a stone fence.

Horses don’t need a GPS … YOU are the GPS.

Chickens don’t get lost

Walk down the aisle?

WHICH WAY? DOWN BY THE FARM – Garry & Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – August 17, 2018

Ben, Garry, and I went around to the farms along the river. Our hope was to get some pictures and maybe, with luck, some fresh corn, too.

We got both.

The barn on the road by the river …

And this is where we found the corn!

How exciting! Corn!

Road from the farm towards Rhode Island

Another farm …

WHICH WAY? by Garry & Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Just a truck in Douglas

I fully intended to take some pictures while we were coming and going from the hospital today, but I was too edgy in the morning … and too tired by the end of the day. It has been quite the day!

Windy day in the parking lot

Bridge over Chocolog Road

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Midtown in Douglas

THE WAY HOME – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – June 29, 2018

Sometimes, there’s way and it takes you home. Everywhere on the property is full of flowers now.

Baby trees — more than a dozen sassafras saplings and several Catalpa growing like crazy. I have trouble believing how quickly these trees grow from nothing to a big, sturdy sapling several feet taller than me.

We are going to have to saw them down in the fall. If we don’t, the driveway won’t be a way to drive anymore.

Pass the garden and up the hill to the mailboxes and the road. It’s a long driveway and feels longest in heat or snow. It’s not so bad when the weather is in the middle.

This is OUR way!

Daylilies on the walk

The long green in the backyard

Up the driveway

ON THE WATERFRONT – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

We always take a lot of pictures in the summer, but we take more pictures than we usually take when we are on the water. Not only did we have an absolutely perfect day — a sky so blue it was almost unreal — but we had a sunset. This was a full circle sunset with color on every side.

A super-duper sunset. The kind that looks like someone created it with a computer because the sky doesn’t really look like that.

Except it does. And did.

Garry up the companionway from the lower deck to the captain’s quarter. Is that the poop deck?

Garry and Tom way down the pier. Also, using my wide-angle lens, so they looked even farther off.

The world begins as the pier ends …

And of course, a great place to take pictures.

The long pier

Sunset over the marina – the orange side

Piers in pink


WHICH WAY ON THE WATER – Garry Armstrong

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

You wouldn’t think a marina would be much of a place to walk, but you’d be wrong. There are dozens of piers and decks and companionways everywhere you look.

Even if you never leave the marina, there are a lot of ways to go! We had a perfect summer’s day — which was, coincidentally, the first day of summer … and a stunning sunset that literally wrapped around the entire sky, gold in the east and pink-purple in the west.

On and off the pier

After you leave the pier, it’s travel by water.

And at the end of the dock, there’s the dinghy …

Marilyn on the boat and Tom on the companionway. Very tall steps and then, there’s the little plank to walk.

Almost dark over the pier

Eastern end of the marina just after dark