country life


This isn’t a friendly town. People fraternize with the people who attend their church and seem to regard anyone else as potentially hostile. Of course we didn’t know that when we moved here. We knew that it was a very white town,… Read More ›

Hollow Tree

Down around the corner where the chickens and the cows live, there stands an old hollow tree. Despite it’s obvious age and condition, it still is sending forth leaves this spring. If I were as old as that tree, I… Read More ›

The Barn

Down the road and around the corner, there’s a house with a porch. They have red rocking chairs on the porch. The house was built in the early 1700s as was the barn. It’s beautiful barn. They don’t keep any… Read More ›

Old Pal

He lives in a field on the farm, not far from where cattle graze. Once upon a time, he was the farmer’s best friend, a workhorse that wouldn’t quit. When finally, just couldn’t go any further, rather than junk him… Read More ›