COUPLES, PAIRS, AND DUOS – Marilyn Armstrong

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pairs

Pairs of swans and geese. Pairs of House Finch. People in couples, dogs in duos.

And those earrings usually in pairs until one of them falls off. In the winter, it’s hats, you know. They catch on the hat and vanish.

A pair of green earrings …
Mated for life
Two warblers
A married couple – do I know these people?
Pair of finches – Sorry, they don’t match!
Matching geese
Two Chickadees on a feeder


Black & White Sunday: Couple(s) – From Paula at LOST IN TRANSLATION


Humans are not the only creatures who hook up in couples. Many birds do it. I don’t know if bees do it. I think not. But wolves do … and apparently, so do cockroaches. Don’t complain to me. I’m not the one who did the research!