Yesterday was a long day. Between the telephone all morning trying to arrange a simple doctor’s visit — then going off to find out if I have cancer again (if you’ve had it once, you always wonder if it will come back), I was well and truly done by the time I got home.

I know I must be improving, though. A year ago, a day like today and I’d be barely able to crawl into bed. Now, I can manage to put together dinner, even eat dinner. I’m tired, but I’m still human. It may not seem like much to you, but it’s a big deal for me.

Garry thought I should write to the hospital and tell them it had a few issues it needed to address. It’s the only big hospital in the county and it is important not only to us, but to every family in the area. It’s not like Boston where you have 20 good hospitals at your doorstep.

I agreed with him in principle, but quickly discovered UMass doesn’t actually have an area were you can comment about “customer service” issues. The internet is full of complaints they’ve yet to answer. There are a lot of people upset about it. It’s infuriating to have just one really good local hospital and so many problems. There’s no reason for it, either.

They have a serious communication problem.

So I wrote to the head of the hospital and its PR consultant. I casually mentioned Garry and they casually called me back in less than half an hour. I’m pretty sure I’ll get to see a neurologist. Pretty sure. Not positive, but at least I feel I have a better grip on it.

Between UMass Memorial, Dana-Farber, and a trip to the grocery, we came home beat. I believe this was a productive day, but I am exhausted. Every part of me hurts.

I’m going to need a long sleep to get myself glued together again.

The best news of the day? We have flowers. Crocuses and the shoots of day lilies to come. And it was warm enough to go out in a light jacket. Spring really is coming, finally. I have proof!



Here we are enjoying the first warm sunny day of 2016. It’s almost 70 degrees with glorious sunshine.

I’ve got a cold. The first of the year. It seems unfair while we have genuine spring weather — the first in three years. Like fine wine, it is meant to be savored.

72-crocus 2015_01

I’m going to the doctor on Thursday. No available appointments today. Apparently I’ve got “what going around” and every doctor in the practice is booked solid.

No big surprise there. If it’s going around, we’ve usually got it. Yes, Garry’s got it, too, so I don’t have to take it personally.

There’s nothing personal about a cold. It’s just one of those things.

March 2015

March 23, 2015

Spring is coming early. After three years in a row when we were still buried up to our chins in ice and snow in March, this year, we are going to really have a real season of spring. Hello lamp-post!

March 8, 2016

March 8, 2016

If I can stop coughing for a little while, I might be able to get out there and enjoy this bright, lovely, day!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change – Beginning To End

As I live my life here in the country, amidst trees, weeds, rocks and creatures that make their home in the woods surrounding us, I have become attuned to seasonal changes and the things which mark the ending of one and the start of the next.

The end of winter is heralded by the brave crocuses who battle their through the last of winter’s snow and debris.  Each picture in this gallery shows both a start and a finish, parts of the cycle. Embedded in every end is a beginning. Change is eternal.

Thinking About Flowers

The first sign of spring

The first sign of spring

As I watch the snow slowly melt away while hoping we don’t get more, my thoughts turn to flowers and springtime. It’s natural when the world has been all white for weeks. Are crocuses popping up amidst the rubble of winter? My son did a little digging and says yes, they are trying to break through … but the weather guys are saying there’s more snow on the way. Can the baby flowers survive another round of ice and snow?

The sky was so blue this morning when I got up. Now it is fading to white, not a good sign.

I am tired. Not just of winter. Plain old tired. I had any number of ambitious plans for the day, but I think instead I’m going to do nothing much. Maybe I’ll feel bright and bushy-tailed tomorrow. Right now I need a good book. Maybe a little chicken soup too.

And flowers. How very much I yearn for flowers.

Almost Spring


We passed the pond where my swans live. I only saw two swans today, but I heard a lot of honking, so they were around, just not showing themselves.


The trees are in bud and it’s warm. But we have no crocus this year. Unless they are very late in coming up, we won’t have any. I see tiny narcissus buds, but no crocus. I’m disappointed. But hopefully, there will be other flowers.