Write About Dogs

My favorite cartoon – by George Booth — was originally published in The New Yorker. It shows a man sitting in front of a typewriter. Dogs are everywhere A woman, presumably his wife, watches from the doorway. The caption reads “Write about… Read More ›

Water Retrieving

It was a party on the Cape. Beautiful house. A group of politicians, media folks, and their Others. And one, big, wet Golden Retriever. To be fair, he could have been a happier retriever if only someone had thrown one… Read More ›

Dogs of Morning

Long ago, many years having passed since then, we lived in the great city of Boston, Hub of the Universe. In addition to thousands of books and millions of “little wheels off things,” we accumulated furry friends. Two ferrets (Bonnie… Read More ›

Condemned to Death

It’s the policy everywhere to put to death dogs who bite. It doesn’t matter why. You can beat your dog, torture him, tie him up, starve him, let kids tease him without mercy from puppy-hood through the remainder of his… Read More ›

Bonnie Annie Laurie

Bonnie, our proud and fierce Scottish Terrier, rules our world. With four iron paws encased in velvet gloves, she share her home with us. We are grateful. Recently, we upgraded her sleeping arrangement and got her a new sofa. The back… Read More ›