John Denver loved peace … and I hope most of us still do. Had he lived longer, no doubt he would have been horrified at how the world is going … and how terribly far we are from peace.

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Timely prompt since I woke up to a nightmare this very morning.

I had just graduated college or something like it. I had a sister (not my real sister) and another sister/brother — he/she kept switching back and forth which, in the dream seemed perfectly normal. Whatever he/she was, definitely no relation to real me.

My parents (not my real parents, definitely, absolutely nothing like my real parents) were getting them ready for the world. Buying them clothing, renting apartments for them. Getting them cars.

I keep begging for attention, to help me get a car. I needed a car because whatever I was going to do (no idea what it was), I needed to travel. I was just out of college. No money or credit and as I recall, nowhere to live.

Both siblings had professional positions. Vague but  seemingly important. I (apparently) did not. As the dream wound down, I knew no one would help me. Or notice me.

I woke up, realizing I would manage. Because I always manage. I couldn’t go back to sleep, though. I’m worried about money. Again? Or is that still?

Given the way life is, I always will be.



The biggest and most damaging lie we tell our kids is this:

“If you want it bad enough and work really hard, you can achieve anything.”

We all bought into it as kids. Even though life has taught us it’s not true, we still try to sell it to younger generations. It’s the worst kind of lie. True enough to sound inspiring, yet deeply misleading.

You can try until your heart breaks, but to succeed you need more than a dream and determination. You need the right skill set, the right instincts, and actual talent. Luck helps too.


We cannot always achieve what we want because we want it a lot. You can’t be a blind artist. You can’t be a tone-deaf musician. You can’t write without a gift for words. Some things can’t be taught. Yet these days, anyone who objects to the lie that hard work alone is always enough is called defeatist — or elitist. I am neither, but I am a realist.

I don’t know when realism became politically incorrect. It’s cruel. It takes people with potential and makes them feel like failures, not because they can’t succeed, but because they are doing the wrong thing.

When someone tells me I shouldn’t give up whatever because if I keep trying, I will surely succeed, it annoys me. I’m a very hard worker, but I’m old enough to know that hard work only takes you so far. I would rather work on something at which I have a chance of succeeding.

Yet we keep hearing the same enticing lie. “Don’t give up your dream! You can make it happen!” We always read about the successes. What we don’t hear about are the myriad failures, those who tried their hearts out and were defeated. We waste years trying to achieve the impossible while dismissing the achievable. We ignore real gifts in favor of magical thinking.

Creating a good and satisfying career should be part of everyone’s life plans. First though, we need to figure out what we do well, then focus on it. Hone talent and build a future that works. We need to help our kids do the same. Then network like mad and hope to get the Big Break because the wild card in the mix is always Lady Luck.

Don’t buy a lie and don’t foist it off on your kids. Help them be the best they can be. Help them succeed.

Daily Prompt: Dream Home – My Painted Lady

You don’t need to dream the house if your dream house is just around the corner. Not built to order, but restored to perfection. The classic Victorian across from St. Mary’s church, near the old high school is perfect.


Known as “Painted Ladies” for the fancy painting done on the gingerbread trim and the many colors used to accentuate their architecture, these are wonderful homes to live in. High ceilings, bay windows, air, light, enough room for all the people you love. Mahogany wainscoting, carved moldings, a huge veranda — now screened for comfort — with room enough for rocking chairs and a porch swing. And when the holidays come round, the living room (drawing-room, if you like) is big enough to display a 20-foot Christmas tree with grace.


Free Write Friday #22: Time and Place Prompt

What’s your color of happiness? I want the green button. Maybe it would make the snow melt and spring come to replace this endless winter.


Welcome back to Free Write Friday! If you are new here, feel free to read the intro. FreeWriteFridayBadgeOtherwise, let’s get started.

Here is your FWF prompt…


Time & Place:

You find yourself in an elevator. The door closes and you see only five buttons. A sign hangs above them that reads: “Find Happiness.” Each button is a different color. Red, blue, green, orange and yellow. There are no other instructions and you must push one to get the elevator to move. Which color do you choose and why? Where does it take you?

Here is my story…

Up at 5a.m., getting ready for work and kids ready for school, packing lunches, chasing a piece of dry toast with a glass of OJ and I am out the door. The ‘hustle and bustle’ of the city streets is already in full force and my mind is spinning as I fight…

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Dream Elephants and Hugging Bears

I have strange dreams. Now and then, I remember one of them quite clearly for a long time, though more typically, they fade as soon as I wake up.

Last night’s dreams were particularly vivid. A full day has passed and I still remember them clearly. It wasn’t one dream but two in a row, both about animals. Not my furry children. Wild animals with whom, to the best of my knowledge, I am unacquainted.

I dreamed about an elephant, an old elephant who communicated with me telepathically. He told me he was tired. He wanted to die. It was his time to rest. Next came a big bear from the woods. Just to visit me. He laid down next to me on the sofa and hugged me.

The bear was wearing a navy blue sweatshirt. Where do dreams come from? I know the theories, psychological, paranormal and upside down and none of them quite fits.

Please visit Bear With Us at to see how you can help save the bears … not dream bears, but the real ones.

Dreams seem to combine bits of reality, mythology, memories, and books I’ve recently read. Images combine in odd ways, yet I always wake with a strong feeling that there’s something important that I want to know, but it eludes me.

Maybe some day, the key will come with the dreams. The lock will turn and many secrets will transform into knowledge.

Or maybe not.