Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:
Sunset to Sunrise (including nighttime photography)

And because I like to keep an even keel, I’ve given you one of each!

Sunrise in Vermont
Sunset in Arizona
Night in Uxbridge



I was in my office on the upper level of my house. I’ve got a great view of the east side of our property. It was a very bright day. The sunlight on snow was almost blinding. I can understand why skiers wear sunglasses. I often wish I could take pictures wearing sunglasses, but I can’t. Instead, I squint.


The window at my left elbow had been distracting me all day. I had been intending to go out and shoot a few frames, but stuff kept coming up. Then I began writing and completely lost track of time.

When I next looked out my window, the sun was low in the sky and long shadows were spreading across the snow. I love the shadowy light in late afternoon. Realizing I had run out of time, I jammed my feet into my Uggs, grabbed my coat, stuck the little Canon into my pocket and hustled out.

“Be careful,” Garry called as I headed down the stairs. Snow is beautiful, but slippery. Our driveway is always treacherous, more so covered with snow that’s rapidly changing to ice.


In the five minutes it took me to travel from my office, down the stairs, out the back door and up the drive, the sun had dropped very low. Lengthening shadows striped the ground. The sun was peeking through the trees. It was twilight. Very pretty and always a challenge to shoot.